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anyone find a cellphone?


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somewhere along my travels i lost a grey pair of leather gloves and an older nokia cellphone.

when you turn it on it says 'supa badd'

anyone find this in their travels?

too bad you didn't lose it before you called me at 1:30am Thursday night! ;)

don't you realize some people sleep!?

happy new year slimey juice

oh and 1988 called they confiscated your antique "cell" phone....sucka ::

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i hope it turns up...i have no idea where it could be. i searched the car, and i presume that 40 main's cleaned up by now so it's not there (or is it...)

anyhoo, those grey leather gloves were very cool and my only gloves. i hate HAVING to go and buy new things...

thanks for the great times though. i gotta work on controlling my mess-ed-up-ed-ness more when it comes down to it.

the only other place my stuff could be is dekcuf.


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Rob your gloves have been found, no luck on the cell phone. Greg you're glass is here and a Bob Dylan CD which I think is yours. Lionlocks your hats has been found. Mary pretty sure your jacket has been found. The house is still fu©ked and many lost items are still unaacounted but they will be found eventually. If you lost or found anytihng at the house on the weekend post it here.

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oh no....A dylan CD,ouch....which one? Just so I can double check,possibly it isnt mine.

After a look at my discs I see I have a live phish.com disc with two CDRs in it,one is Phish @ the Gorge (disc 1) 1998-07-16 & disc 3 of moe. 2002-10-31.One CD case from Dave & Lara's wedding it says on the back,not sure how they got it in there,when I woke up my backpack was already packed,argh,drives me crazy when that happens.

Well,looks like I have a solid case to return to Ottawa now....sorry about the mess guys,mostly it was Del,but I'm sure I did my part.

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Do you happen to have any digital photos saved on your phone? I can tell you from personal experience that those of us who find these phones tend to snoop.

I was recently walking my dog in Whistler, when she found a cell phone in the snow; that we later learned had been dropped by one of the many drunken Whistlerites wandering the streets the night before. When I got home, we looked through the photos, and found one with a picture of a guy passed out with some guy's dick lying across his face.

When the owner of the phone called us to get it back, my girlfriend met him outside to hand it to him, and couldn't resist saying,"Nice photos."

(I think he was a bit embarrassed.) :: ::

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don't worry about my cel...i found it, but it'll be nice to get those gloves back...i can't count on the weather being mild forever...

(i NEVER put my cel where i found it...sorry about the distress. i'd better call and get the block removed now...)

good vibes to all you other partiers...it'll work out!

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I guess now is a good time to get in on this discussion. I lost a brand new blue zip up hooded sweatshirt with the word MCAP on the left breast side (my Christmas gift from work). I'm not attached to it but thought it would be funny to sew a Steal Your Face, or "Bobby for President" patch over the logo and wear it to work.

On a side note, has anyone seen Scott's wallet, it's black.......(sorry I couldn't help myself)

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Alexis - cranberry hoodie - FOUND!

MaxWebster - blue hoodie - NOT FOUND! (but don't give up hope we're still getting our sh!t together)

Esau - your glass and Scott's glass - FOUND! (let him know I don't think he reads the board)

Esau - Jimi Hendrix DVD - NOT FOUND! (if we can't find it I'll burn you another copy off Pottie)

Esau - Dylan cd's - STATUS UNKNOWN (I'm gonna let Hux go through the stack of Dylan cd's and figure out which ones are ours and then I'll post the remaining ones)

I'm sure more sh!t will turn up and I'll keep posting whatever we find.

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