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Fat Cats, H. Mouse, drums, Fri. Jan. 21 Kitchener

mark tonin

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I am really excited about this show ... the last time that the Fatties were in Kitchener at the Lanc the place was packed with smiling faces and dancing bodies!

Fri. Jan. 21

upstairs at the Lancaster Tavern

574 Lancaster St. West, Kitchener


with opening band HARVARD MOUSE

and a drum circle between bands led by ORGANIC GROOVE

(bring a hand drum and join in)

$8 at the door


Peace, Mark

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Well rumors dont help me here.

[color:"purple"]Thanks anyway

So,does Mark perhaps (or even Tungsten if he's lurking) mind emailing me,I have numerous questions concerning the board & taping.

And,yes I realize taping is allowed that is not my question.


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"aren't you up past your bedtime Mr. Tonin?"

:: ;) :: Got home from the Boathouse at a decent hour last night, decided to check my email and the board one last time before bed, and got sucked into the world of cyberspace ... I think I'm going to need a nap after school today!!!

Esau, I'll talk to Tungsten about the board and have him contact you ... I know he's been away this week but I think he's back this weekend at some point. He's doing sound for the show. And Harvard Mouse would love a sweet recording of their set if you're into it.

Peace, Mark

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And Harvard Mouse would love a sweet recording of their set if you're into it.

Peace, Mark

Hmmm,it appears you can read between the lines...right on,this will mark my 2nd ever attempt at recording a show,my first time was The Band at Convacation Hall in 1993 which was a coaster..so I figured this would be a great show to attempt my second,now that I have the right gear (I think),which leads me to my questions.

Thanks Mark see at the show. ::

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OK, the word is out, people are coming, it's going to be another raging good time up at the Lanc!

Directions from the 401:

- exit onto Highway 8 to Kitchener/Waterloo

- exit onto Highway 85 to Waterloo

- take the Bridgeport Road exit and turn left onto Bridgeport Road

- turn left onto Lancaster Street

- look for The Lancaster Tavern ("The Lanc") on the right - there is a boat docked in the air - you'll see it!

- go in the front door and take the stairs immediately to your left that lead to the upstairs room

Peace, Mark

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Hey Esau;

yup i'm doing sound, i'll bring some xtra cables to patch in your laptop...bringing any mic's?

Thats sorta my question,I don't have mics (LOL) I was hoping to patch right to the board,I can bring whatever cables are required if this is possible.Mics are somthing I am still looking into but it'll be a couple weeks to a month before I will have any,have to get back to work first.

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Wi!!y, you are too kind, my friend!

Very much looking forward to a rip-roaring good time upstairs at the Lanc.

Harvard Mouse is going to try out some new material I think (originals and covers) in addition to some songs that people have heard before. We'll know better after tomorrow night's practice. Oh yes, and we're going to jam!

I get to play, and then I get to dance and groove while one of my all-time favourite bands fills the room with songs and jams that get my limbs twirling and my mind whirling.

And all of this while surrounded by a bunch of wonderful friends ... the thought warms my heart and soul on this cold winter night.

Peace, Mark

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willy, i want to see you dance like your avatar! ::

I'd love to bokonon but, truth be told, I'm not a dancer. I prefer to observe my music from a dark corner of the room, silently sipping a malt beverage, and plotting my revenge... Wait a second, I don't have anything to avenge. Well, the rest of it's right anyway!

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