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Calgary Bike Police


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Careless cyclists using the city's pathway system may find themselves facing fines if they don't slow down and share the trail, the bylaw department says.

Bill Bruce, city director of animal and bylaw services, says with water restrictions and other concerns this summer, bylaw officers haven't had time to monitor pathway use as much as they'd like to.

In July, a young child and an elderly woman were injured in separate collisions with speeding bikers.

More bylaw officers will be on the paths in the next few weeks, Bruce said.

"Cyclists, like most of us, overestimate their ability," Bruce said. "You have to be able to stop. If it takes you more than one or two bicycle lengths to stop, then you're too fast to be in a mixed-use area."

Careless behaviour – including speeding, no helmets or the lack of a bell – on the paths can lead to fines of between $50 and $100, Bruce said.

On the other hand, cyclists – many of whom use the city's 450 kilometres of paths to commute to work – often complain about the 20 km/h speed limit. And many argue that joggers and dog walkers don't follow the rules either, creating unsafe conditions.

Bruce says the city will organize focus groups this fall to discuss how to better share the pathways.


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I got nailed with a $153 (I think) fine last year during Toronto's annual campaign :(

I agree that everyone should be following the rules of the road/path... Unfortunately, I dissagree with many of the existing rules and lack of driver/cyclist education; the current system seems to have been designed by car drivers for an auto-centric society.

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There are speed limits on all of the bike/walking paths around my little German town here. 30km/h in the limit but you'll be hard pressed to find anyone enforcing it, in 8 weeks here i haven't even seen a real cop in this place. Criminals, take note, we're coming back here to loot this place clean.

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I've noticed that Toronto bike paths are posted at max 20KM/h. I've also noticed that my 8 year old daughter easily cracks that limit. LM did you get a $153 fine for speeding on the bike path or some other bike infraction?

I cycle every day and I'm not really a fan of mixed use bike paths, pedestrians are a real hazard and those roller bladers are a pain to pass. They're O.K. for weekend cruising with the family but when you really want to move the roads are better and probably safer.

I have mixed feeling about bike lanes, they have to be continuous (no disappearing at intersections and no mysterious multi-block long gaps like the Queens Quay path) and they have to be empty (no cars parking just for a minute while they driver runs into a store). If I'm riding in a bike lane and I keep having to weave onto the road to avoid parked cars I'd rather be on the road, I feel safer. The other problem with bike lanes is they give car drivers the impression that the rest of the road is for them (it's not it for me and my bike, I can be an obnoxious cyclist when I want)

Speaking of being an obnoxious cyclist, I got pulled over last week for giving a cop the finger after she honked at me for passing her on the right while she was making a right turn with no turn signal on (she claimed otherwise). Managed to talk my way out of that one.

Rant, rant rant!!! The only thing better than ranting about cycling in this city is actually cyling in this city.

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