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Kate Moss article in today's Globe & Mail

Freak By Night

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Talk about a poor choice of words:

London -- British supermodel Kate Moss is "devastated" by the allegations of cocaine use that have cost her several lucrative contracts, her agent was quoted as saying yesterday.

Moss was considering leaving Britain after the furor spawned by photos in The Daily Mirror tabloid that appeared to show her snorting cocaine, said Sarah Doukas, head of the Storm modelling agency. "She loves England. But I'm sure she's feeling concerned about living here again," Doukas was quoted as saying by The Times of London.

Doukas said Moss, 31, was "gutted, absolutely devastated" by the tabloid's story. "I read it over the phone to her and the avalanche started almost immediately," Doukas was quoted as saying.

Moss, 31, lost contracts with H&M, Burberry and Chanel in the wake of the drug claims.

Seems to me the "avalanche" started before the tabloid story was even written!

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I find it HIGHLY hyprocritical that the fashion industry is leaving Kate out to dry on this one. I just assume everyone in that industry has a habit, dabbles or complicitly condones it. Kate should be applauded for still being alive.

Its definitley hypocritical, but can you blame the fashion industry for trying to preserve any shred of wholesome-ness it may hold for the naive?

Like in any avenue of life, drug use is taboo- cause its illegal. No matter how rampant, or quietly accepted it may be. Allowing yourself to be seen partying to that kind ofexcess is irresponsible no matter what you do for a living!

It's sad that it matters so much to everyone whcih a voice in the media, really. Cause guaranteed a good percentage of them use something to.

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Nobody's said yet how the photos were taken inside the studio presumably surreptitiously. I also find this hypocritical but understandable considering it is as they put it a 'class A' drug. Still the modelling industry is a cesspool I recall a documentary a few years back that uncovered such practices as agency heads offering to pay underage models for sex (on hidden camera) as well as young model handlers who assured parents their children would be okay in Europe being paid head taxes to bring models out to clubs, the girls would be exhausted, underage and didn't want to go out but the handlers would force them to so they could turn a buck from the club owners.

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