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World Juniors thread


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Best tournament of the year, game on!

Early thoughts on team USA - some great individual talent, not much in the way of team play. Erik Johnson looks incredible lugging the puck from end-to-end, but his game is a MESS. Like Pierre McGuire keeps pointing out, he's trying to do too much by himself and making tons of mistakes.

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Guest Low Roller

I have to say that the Canadian fans are pretty sore winners for chanting "hey hey goodbye" to the US team and booing the US players during the player of the game presentation.

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After watching most of that third period up until the end and having to listen to my clients expose their limited knowledge of hockey, I have come to the decision that I should no longer make fun of some of the members in this forum.

Aaaaaaah, who am I kidding. As if I am going to stop taking pot shots at Dinghy.

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