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Deep Fryer


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So bouche and I got a deep fryer for Christmas. Thanks Douglas and Booche!

We're generally healthy eaters and only deep fry tortillas for homemade chips and spring rolls. I like that the deep fryer will be more safe than the wok and will give us a more consistant temperature.

Does anyone have any other suggestions aside from french fries and onion rings (which I don't want to get in the habit of doing)? Is there such thing as healthier deep fried alternatives?

Sugar Megs recommended clams. I like the sounds of that!

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i don't think that anything coming out of a deep fryer is going to be healthy anymore....i guess if you're going to use it make sure it's something you really really love. i'd suggest instead of regular fries, try making sweet potato fries....also, there's this italian thing, i can't remember what it's called, but it's tomatoey rice in a ball that has a piece of moz cheese in the centre that's rolled in breading of some kind and fried...served with more tomato sauce. those are yummy.

you can also try different kinds of oil, like peanut or sesame...or make flavoured oils to enhance the flavour of your food.

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As mentioned, the wok is pretty unsafe, and I always have a Fire Extinguisher on hand. Also, the oil is hard to keep around in a wok.

Here are the things we tend to fry.

Panko breaded shrimp (very japanesey!), Tempura battered veggies for a sushi-themed night, a variety of chips (beets, sweet potatoes...). One of my guilty pleasures are onion rings and I eat them maybe once a year, so I'm going to go on a hunt for the greatest onion ring batter EVER!

Basically, there are things that can and should be fried. They don't sit in the oil long enough to soak in much fat and it's just another method of cooking/browning.

I love the Panko shrimp the most. It's in the oil for only 1 minute and it comes out so freaking amazing!

We've mostly used high smoke-point oils in the wok (like peanut), but things may be different in a fryer. Also I won't have to keep sticking in a thermometer to make sure the temp. is right for various yummies.

OH yeah....I just thought of another one.... DIM SUM!!!

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