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Camera advice?


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I have a friend who uses this as a back-up for his D2X...he also uses it when he needs a small camera to throw in his car or take out for fun. He likes it a lot and loves its size and I have seen the images and the quality is excellent. I would personally go for the D200..(about $700 more pricey), but I that may be above your budget. I have used it a few times (I currently have the D100 and love it), and really like it. Anyway I really like the Nikon stuff (although I have a few friends who shoot Canon and they are just as good), so I don't think you can really go wrong!

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i own the d80 and cant recommend it enough.

i've used almost everything in nikon's line-up going back to the D1, and for what it is (price vs. capabilities) it's one of the best buy's on the market.

with some good glass on there you can get some really amazing quality out of that camera, with its colour rendering, auto-focus system and low-light sensitivities - one thing for sure, is that it keeps me wanting to shoot, which is more than i can say for other nikon digitals i've used.

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A place called cameta cameras they have really awsome deals on e-bay (new and display models) and great feedback (99% + out of 175,000)

I will go with the d-80 unless i get a really good reason not too I don't feel i do anything "pro enough" to warrent anything bigger but i have found some good deals on 200.

Probably spend my money on lenses.

thanks for your imput.

Jane I am living down by the river in a littleplace called okotoks alberta (15min south of calgary) It is so beautiful and clean here and I couldn't be more happy(exept missing all my dear ontario friends)If you or any of your crew need a midwest traveling crash spot feel free to drop me a line.

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the only drawback of that package is that you're not getting any kind of wide angle capability in those lenses, but other than that it sounds like a great deal

if you can ask about the condition of the lenses, do so and inspect them very carefully once you get them to make sure that it's all copasetic. nothing like a scratch on or mold inside the lens to make it next to worthless

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