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Sign I just posted in my building's lobby


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To whomever left the condom in the stairwell,

Please clean up after yourself.

Thank you.

Sometimes I hate people.

The condom has been there for a few days now. When I first saw it, I almost instinctively picked up (I like a clean space!) but then Ollie told me not to touch it. I was gonna use a tissue to pick it up. Geez. But even then, I guess that is still gross. Thank you Ollie.

Anyway, I do hope it's gone soon. I can't tell if it's been used or if it's just been opened and left there.

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The title of this thread reminded me of a type written bulletin posted at the exit of a friends building. I don't remember the entire thing, but it was about putting the garbage in the bin, not beside the bin. But the final line of the bulletin is what I remember clearly:

...if you cannot read this, please contact the superintendent in apartment one hundred and seven.
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