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Please Note: Doug Feaver starts at 9pm (not 10pm)


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Here's an unrelated question. I've heard Hamiltonians refer to "the mountain". Is there actually a mountain in Hamilton?

I didn't think there were any mountains in Ontario (unless you count the Canadian Shield).

Also, in case anyone thinks otherwise, I'm not trying to be sarcastic, rude, etc. I'm truly curious.

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as an aside, the escarpment is fascinating....

tons of geological information right at our doorstep.

the coolest thing i think is a glacier receded at "the mountain", going no further.

technically the 'mountain' gets SMALLER and smaller every year, as the 'city' rises UP from the glacier pushing it down over millions of years....

i took a lot of local geography classes in middle school and highschool....the escarpment is probably one of the most unique things Hamilton has.

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I have a meeting tomorrow morning at 8am Greg.

But i WANT to go for at least an hour.


I'm tossing the idea around right now, I have a appointment in the AM at my union hall (not as early as you though) and don't plan on being too late. If you decide you want to do an hour, let me know, I'll meet up with you. An hour at that bar would suit me (and my wallet)just fine.

I've been jonesin for a Doug show for quite awhile now.

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