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new Radiohead track


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Pitchfork says:

Oh my god oh my god oh my god. Few things are big enough to distract our attention from singing, animatronic bears, but a new Radiohead studio recording just happens to be one. Just after we told you Radiohead apparently wouldn't be bringing you a new album in 2007, they've given us something to tide us over. The band's many obsessives will already recognize "Arpeggi" from previously Forked live versions, but a Radiohead MySpace fan site has now posted this studio rendition. Thom Yorke's haunted vocals are choked off by drifting electronics and repetitive strings, with nary a trace of rock instrumentation-- a minimalist contrast to some of the song's sweeping live iterations. Enjoy! Thanks to Kory Jones for the tip.


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Guest Low Roller

Interesting rendition of the song. It's much more similar to the orchestral version that Thom Yorke performed with Jonny Greenwood's orchestra in early 2005 than it is to the song that Radiohead played on tour in 2006.

It is of course the beautifully haunting song that Radiohead specialize in.

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