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Dear Winter


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Dear Winter,

There's no easy way to say this so I'll get right to the point. We are over. Your time is done. Oh sure, we've had some good times this year. Even great. But the past few weeks, you've been a real bitch to deal with.

It's not just the snow. It's the snow, and melt, and snow, and melt which is stressing my foundations. You've pushed me to push myself physically, and caused me to ice my lower back more than ever. Last week, you even caused my beloved Mazda to slam into the jackass who thought it would be a good idea to jet a left hand turn across two lanes coming out the in at the Beer Store. You are at the root of my sorrows and it's only going to get better without you around.

So I'm leaving. Tomorrow. For the land of hoplites and Aggamemnon, for the shores of Adriatic. And you'd better be gone when I get back. If not, I'm going to have no recourse but to ignore you like that girl whose name I can't remember at a party, like maybe I went to Teacher's College with her or maybe she's one of those lost night from my whisky days, but either way I just can't take the chance that it's the latter and not the former so I don't say hi, so I duck out and hide in the kitchen. Yah, just like that.

I know you can't help who you are, but you've hurt me, you've hurt my friends and family and now it's time for you to go.


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dear winter,

i thought we had a good thing going. it's my first winter with a dog and a furry hat, and it's been great. every time more snow fell, i convinced myself that this was simply more groundwater, and that it would all be fine. my very cool neighbour was more than happy to lend me his snowblower, and has even come over with his bobcat to clear the driveway.

well, now it's personal. instead of playing a gig tonight, i'm snowed in thinking about my friends that i'm letting down.

you had lots of opportunity to dump on me through the week and cause me to miss a day of work, but no, you cruel heartless bitch of a season, you pick saturday night to wail down endless snow on me.

drop dead, winter.

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Dear Winter,

I woke up this morning, looked outside and realized why I love you so much. You are a stunningly beautiful bitch.



Yes I know it has snowed a lot, compared to recent winter, but it has felt like the first real winter we've had in a long time.

I like the seasons, including winter. It has a charm that only a sunny winter day can have.

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Dear Winter

I just love you sometimes. Like this weekend north of Quebec City where so much snow fell on some hills that I happened to be snowboarding at. And then some of the roads closed keeping the crowds away, giving me fresh tracks well into the afternoon.

My legs are so sore, but you gave me an awesome weekend.

These naysayers maybe have good points, but sometimes you're a hell of a great guest!



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Dear Winter,

Please don't listen to MarcO. As I sit here, typing away on my laptop looking at the beautiful sun glistening on the waves of the Atlantic ocean, I'm fucking hating that I need to get on a plane and come back to you in 4.5 hours.

Screw you.



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