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I'm going to check out Merlefest at the end of April. The line-up looks incredible. All the bluegrass heavy hitters. Sam Bush, Doc Watson, Peter Rowan, Tony Rice, Tim O'brien.

As well Hot Buttered Rum and Old Crow Medicine show and Levon Helm! The line-up goes on and on as well its 4 days with a Saturday night late night jam.

Anyone ever been, have any suggestions?

I'm meeting my buddy and his 3 year old daughter there and they have camping all set up. My dad is drooling over the line-up as well and I think he is going to come too. He wants to stay in a B+B but I highly doubt there will be anything available, its forsure all booked up.

If anyone is interested in coming let me know, we got a big car:)

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I've been to 3 Merlefest's and the line-up is always stellar. You'll be surrounded by beautiful music and beautiful people and I assure you you'll have a great time. It's a really well organized festival with amazing volunteer folk and plenty of room...

My only suggestion would be if you like guitar, check out the Doc Guitar Comp...many a fine pickin' there...AND THE PARKING LOT PICKIN IS AMAZING!!!!!!!

Gawpo Giggles :D:D:D

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My only suggestion would be if you like guitar, check out the Doc Guitar Comp...many a fine pickin' there...AND THE PARKING LOT PICKIN IS AMAZING!!!!!!!

I can't wait! I have been playing the mandolin for the past little while. Really have my chops down and can semi keep up with the picking. I can play a mean Angeline the Baker! I can't wait for Mando workshops!

Have been going to the Greyfox BG festival for years but I can't pass the opp for Merlefest.

Where do you camp/stay Giggles?

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Baj and I will most likely check it out, I was just looking at the line-up and schedule and was pretty impressed!

You have a place to crash at our house in Asheville, phunkyb!

Tara, I'm so pumped! How far will you be from the festy grounds? I assume you will be driving to and from daily?

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I think we're gonna try to hit this festy on the weekend.. Saturday and Sunday most likely since Baj has limited vacation days starting out.. But it's at most a 2 hour drive to the festival grounds..

We don't have any set plans yet, but it looks like a good idea to maybe find somewhere to camp on Saturday night when we're there, but I haven't much looked into any of that yet..

I'll let you know if I find any cool camp spots, and once we get to Asheville I'll ask around and see what people say about all that stuff! Our estimated arrival time is in about a week! Yay!

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HUGE lineup! I'm getting excited!!

Susana & Timmy Abell [Friday, Saturday, Sunday]

The Alberti Flea Circus [Friday, Saturday, Sunday]

The Avett Brothers [Friday]

Banknotes [Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday]

Tom Ball & Kenny Sultan [Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday]

Buffalo Barfield [Friday, Saturday]

Bearfoot [Friday, Saturday, Sunday]

Blue Highway [Thursday, Friday]

Roy Book Binder [Friday, Saturday, Sunday]

Laura Boosinger [Friday, Saturday, Sunday]

Alison Brown Quartet with Joe Craven [Friday, Saturday, Sunday]

Sam Bush [Friday, Saturday]

The Captain’s Crew [sunday]

Bob Carlin & Cheick Hamala Diabate [Friday, Saturday, Sunday]

The Carolina Chocolate Drops [Friday, Saturday]

The Circuit Riders [Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday]

T Michael Coleman [Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday]

The John Cowan Band [Friday, Saturday]

Donna The Buffalo [Friday, Saturday]

Robert Dotson [Friday, Saturday]

Jerry Douglas [sunday]

Mike Dowling [Friday, Saturday, Sunday]

Ruthie Foster [Friday, Saturday]

Terry Garland [Friday, Saturday, Sunday]

Buddy Greene [Friday, Saturday, Sunday]

Mitch Greenhill [Friday, Saturday, Sunday]

George Hamilton IV [Friday, Saturday, Sunday]

George Hamilton V [Friday, Saturday, Sunday]

Levon Helm and the Ramble on the Road with Special Guests [saturday]

Bob Hill [Friday, Saturday, Sunday]

Tish Hinojosa [Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday]

Willette Hinton & Family [saturday]

David Holt [Friday, Saturday, Sunday]

Hot Buttered Rum [Friday, Saturday, Sunday]

Clint Howard Band [sunday]

Sierra Hull & Highway 111 [Friday, Saturday]

The Infamous Stringdusters [Thursday, Friday]

The InterACTive Theater of Jef [Friday, Saturday, Sunday]

Phil Jamison [Friday, Saturday, Sunday]

Carl and Kelli Jones [Friday, Saturday, Sunday]

Jorma Kaukonen [Friday, Saturday, Sunday]

The Key City Boys [Thursday, Friday]

Jim Lauderdale [Friday, Saturday, Sunday]

Jack Lawrence [Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday]

Laurie Lewis & The Right Hands [Thursday, Friday, Saturday]

Mark Lippard [saturday]

Jeff Little [saturday, Sunday]

The Local Boys [Friday, Saturday, Sunday]

The Lovell Sisters [Friday, Saturday, Sunday]

The Claire Lynch Band [saturday, Sunday]

Bill Mathis [Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday]

Andy May [Friday, Saturday]

Tift Merritt [saturday]

Cliff Miller [Friday, Saturday]

Nashville Bluegrass Band [saturday, Sunday]

Tim O'Brien [Friday, Saturday]

Ollabelle [saturday]

Old Crow Medicine Show [Thursday]

Paul Oscher [saturday]

The Pine Leaf Boys [Friday, Saturday, Sunday]

Polecat Creek [Friday, Saturday, Sunday]

Dirk Powell & Riley Baugus [Friday, Saturday, Sunday]

Missy Raines [saturday]

Tony Rice [Friday, Saturday]

Peter Rowan [Friday, Saturday]

Tom Sauber [Friday, Saturday]

Scythian [Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday]

Shana Banana [Friday, Saturday, Sunday]

ShoeFly [Friday, Saturday, Sunday]

Ryan Shupe & The RubberBand [Thursday, Friday]

Ricky Skaggs & Bruce Hornsby with Kentucky Thunder [saturday]

Joe Smothers [Friday, Saturday]

Solas "Reunion" with Karan Casey & John Doyle [sunday]

Ralph Stanley & The Clinch Mtn Boys [Friday]

Rafe Stefanini & Clelia Stefanini [Friday, Saturday, Sunday]

Marty Stuart & His Fabulous Superlatives [Thursday]

Rodney Sutton [Friday, Saturday, Sunday]

Tut Taylor [Thursday, Friday, Saturday]

Joe Thompson [Friday]

Happy Traum [Friday, Saturday]

Future Traditions [saturday]

Dan Tyminski Band [sunday]

Sally Van Meter [Friday, Saturday, Sunday]

Rhonda Vincent & The Rage [saturday]

Bil VornDick [Friday, Saturday]

The Waifs [Thursday, Friday]

Abigail Washburn & The Sparrow Quartet featuring Bela Fleck, Casey Driessen & Ben Sollee [sunday]

Doc Watson [Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday]

Richard Watson [Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday]

The Waybacks [Friday, Saturday]

Charles Welch [Friday, Saturday, Sunday]

Pete Wernick & Flexigrass [Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday]

Whitetop Mountain Band [Friday, Saturday, Sunday]

The Wilders [Thursday, Friday, Saturday]

Wilkes Acoustic Folk Society [Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday]

Tony Williamson [Friday, Saturday]

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jesus! this looks like heaven to me these days as of the last few years of taking up the banjo! Not sure if I could do this but would be nice. There a banjo website that I am a member of that has some nice vidoes from merlefest and it looks like an awesome place to be. I beleive there is a video with Mr. Scruggs himself at this fest.

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Hey Phunkyb,

You have to take a bus from the campgrounds to the stage. Allow yourself a good 1/2hour to get there from camping. That was the only downside of Merlefest for me.

Otherwise, it was great! Have fun!

Thanks for the tip! We are staying at the Rivers Edge campground, that is the primitive campground near the fest.

Blurry whats the booze situation? How hard do they check? Would I be alright with a flask or 2?

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The Waybacks are amazing if you haven't seen them. They're lead guitar player and fiddle player are out of this world!

I have been lovin' The Waybacks.

The line-up is stellar.

Old Crow, The Avett Bro, Levon Helm, Tim O'brien, Hot BUttered Rum...I am going to see it all!

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I am going to see it all!

I don't think so, when you get there and see the schedule you'll realize that you'll have dozens of conflicts on what you want to see.

I never could so all the stuff I wanted to. Remember that they have at least 10 stages, at least they did when I was last there almost 10 years ago so I'm sure that they've only grown bigger.

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I am going to see it all!

I don't think so' date=' when you get there and see the schedule you'll realize that you'll have dozens of conflicts on what you want to see.


Dood, I know I'm going to see lots and not all. I have been doing festy's for years and have been to much bigger. I will see what I can and will love it!

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David Myles, great musician from Fredricton, is playing MerleFest:

"I was recently chosen as a finalist in the Chris Austin Songwriting Competition. It takes place every year at Merlefest, which is one of the (if not the) biggest bluegrass festivals in the world. I'm super excited about it. I get to go down, play and check out the whole festival. It's pretty unreal."

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