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Yes @ Molson Amph July 13th

Kanada Kev

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Another show announcement. I have caught these guys a couple of times over the years and they put on amazing shows and musicianship. I ain't paying top price by any means, but a great time hanging out on the grass :)

Presale is tomorrow.


Password is: YESWORLD

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Jon Anderson just played in our town (gatineau) last week and Ollie noticed that a week late. I think that would have been a great thing to get drunk for. Has anyone seen his solo act? It looks like a good time. His voice is so incredible. He is in the upper echelon of vocalists like

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I was at Jon Anderson last night at the Danforth Music Hall and I must say it exceeded my expectations.

The gig was very much like a VH1 Storytellers performance, with Jon telling stories about many of the songs.

Anderson not a virtuoso like he bandmates in his performance relayed to the audience without saying it that he is the idea man in yes and how in very simple chord structures he was often the brainchild for many of the greatest songs in the Yes catalogue.

The first set was by candlelight to mark Earth Hour and the second set had a video screen that had a montage of earth and space shots.

A beautiful performance and it has me waiting with anticipation to see Yes again this summer.



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I think Jon Anderson's voice keeps getting better as he gets older.....its raspier on the last few albums.

not sure if I'll make it to this one, I've seen them about 6 times, also caught the steve howe solo show last year, that was awesome.

I wonder if they have a new album coming out

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