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Hey Ottawa,


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OK, so I'm looking at the invite to the reception we're going to in April and it's just outside of Ottawa. It's taking place in Rockland (wonderland? ).

I've looked it up briefly on the maps and it looks like it's about 30mins outside of downtown Ottawa right?

Anyone got any suggestions on places to stay out there (to stumble back to after the party)? I'm sure it would be a $40 cab ride each way if we were to stay in Ottawa :(


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I ended up grabbing a room at the Marriot on Kent St. Snagged for $65 not bad :) Hopefully we'll have time to chill and go for a walk before getting ready to go to the wedding reception.

Hey, it's not that small a world, but does anyone here know Glenn Tucker or Andrai DesOrmeaux? It's his wedding gig that i'm hitting. Can't wait, should be a PARTY :)

He's an Ottawa guy (moved away some time ago) but has many friends/family there still. One of you skanks prob knows him (he's 37) or her (she's around 29ish).

Now, gotta pick out some tunes for the ride.

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