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Phish reuniting with Steve Lilywhite?


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It's really funny to read the updates after the original post in Booche's link and see the evolution of an internet rumour, and how it can seep into the mainstream media.

I would be psyched if it were true, but all of this reunion talk of late seems to have stemmed largely from off-the-cuff comments in a couple of interviews (Trey and Tom Marshall). There have been too many "false alarms" in the past couple of years to get hopeful over anything but an official announcement, in my opinion.

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Hey all -

Todd from Jamtopia here.

Just wanted to drop in and say hello.

Yes, it's just a rumor. And yes, I was as shocked as anyone else that it was picked by Billboard and New York Magazine!

I do trust my source though, so I maintain hope that it's true.

In other news, I've just launched a concert photo contest on Jamtopia.

Would love to see some pics from shows in Canada!

Take care all, and thanks to Booche for linking to my post.


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