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Help! Questions about UK vs CAN power converters and adapters


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Also look at the power supply itself. If it can handle UK voltage (220V, I think) and North American voltage, it should say so on the power supply.

For example, the power supply for my Creative Nomad JB3 has a label on it that says:

INPUT: 110-240V ~50/60Hz Max 0.32A

(OK, the JB3 didn't actually say that to me, it's not like my taping gear has come to life or anything.) As well as having a different wall voltage in the UK (220V vs. 110V), the UK also runs its AC at 50 Hz, rather than the 60 Hz AC we get here in North America. Since the power supply says it can handle 240V at 50 Hz, I figure it'd be safe to plug into a UK wall socket, with just the right plug adaptor.

Another power supply (a cheaper wall-wart unit) I checked had the same info printed on the label. If your gear has a label like that, all I think you need is a plug adaptor.

When in doubt, consider taking your gear to a luggage store, and asking them what you need to make it work in the UK.



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The power adaptor is key for using stuff that is meant for 110V in 220V plugs...

Having just come back from France - I noticed that my converter wasn't really set up to deal with the wall plugs they use in Europe... in Canada the connection is right at the surface of the plug- in France - the connection is made deeper inside the wall. My Converter was bulky and i need another adaptor to actually get the converter to connect.

here's a picture to describe what I'm talking about:


try to find some adapters piece to make sure that you'll be able to connect the converter to the wall plug.

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