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Man I love the Sitar


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you should have asked "who doesn't like the sitar?"

In grade 10, when I was first really getting into the beatles, serious about guitar, and had absolutely NO concept of money, I asked my indian friend's mother if they would bring me back a Sitar from India the next time they went to visit family.

I recall that she basically said (in a very strong indian accent) "I don't think that you realize how much money they are.".

I figured I just needed $50 since it was coming from India. I didn't really understand. Well, they aren't a cheap thing to get into, but they are f'n awesome.

I kinda wish that I had pulled it off because maybe I would be amazing at it now.

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ok the really freaky thing about that first video is the single sax player sounds like a MIDI trumpet chord and the live bass player sounds like MIDI keys....but the tablas sound authentic and even the shit sitar player with that shit pedestrian wank sounds real unfortunately.

Christ it's like 'Sitars on 45' or something....bizarre.

I like the sitar - ravi shankar still rules the roost for bringing it to western shores and showing off how it can kick - there's a great vid of the Dick Cavett show...looks like it's coming back after a commercial break with a bearded George Harrison sitting on the couch that cuts to Ravi Shankar playing...

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you might be interested to check out Anoushka Shankar. Ravi's daughter...this one is with Karsh Kale, and is sort of sliced and diced in the editing room.


pretty cool nonetheless! i love the sitar!

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Although the Sitar is very cool, it is easily broken if a player tries to slide up or down the strings instead of bending them on their bowed tubular frets.

If I were to spend a whack of cash on an Eastern instrument I'd either get a Sarod



or a Godin Glissentar



What amazing sounds come from metal, skin, and wood.

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