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Great boxing match on Saturday night!


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Badhams will no doubt be out watching UFC with all of his WWE buddies, but one of this year's great boxing match-ups takes place on Saturday: Sugar Shane Mosely vs Antonio Margarito (current WBA Welterweight champ and ranked #6 pound-for-pound, in all of boxing). Mosely is back on his game too. Should be a fucking war.

It's on HBO Canada, so if you get TMN, you probably get this fight.


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I like both as well but there are fewer and fewer interesting boxing matches out there. The UFC has some interesting fights but just as in boxing a lot of times the actual fight doesn't do the build up to it justice.

Sometimes great boxing matches or UFC fights come out of nowhere, you can't force them to happen... just like episodes of Seinfeld :)

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Classically speaking, both were sports in ancient Greece, boxing and "pancrace" (total fight), but they were allowed to do anything, even throw sand in your eyes. I like the inclusion of the Thai kick-boxing style into it though... revolutionized the pancrace after Grace's reign and gave me an opportunity to watch more of my real fave (kick boxing I mean). Nothing less entertaining than watching a stupid untrained behemoth roll around in an ankle lock though.

If I had to pick a preference it would be for good fights. :) Saturday is gonna have two of them hopefully, I think there's space in my eyes for both.

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The entire 5% of boxing/UFC fans polled who enjoy and follow both sports are members of jambands.ca :)

I've got another question though since the UFC seems to be draining other sports of their big names... How'about that Jones kid? What if Lesnar succeeds?

Escudero VS. Nover...

I'm really enjoying the growing depth in this sport at the lightweight and welterweight divisions. Upcoming Fitch/St.Pierre looks like fun not mention the Mir/Nogeira heavywieght tilt next week.

Is wrestling dead?

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I think both sports have their bright spots and their issues. To me the issue with boxing is the organizations themselved.

This quote sort of sums up how I feel...


And for frustrated boxing fans there's plenty to like about UFC's business model. There are only five weight classes, and the whole operation is under one roof. That means the best will fight each other. There are no promoter shenanigans, no ratings politics, no inflated records. Even the greatest fighters have multiple losses. Couture has seven. Liddell has three. Hughes has four.

"Nobody fights bums or dogs in the UFC," Taylor said.

As for the product in the ring all I want to see is two men bring their best and compete. Great matches can happen in both sports.

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Not too mention it leading to cowardly champs who won't fight to unify competing belts... bullshit...

Things seem to be changing in boxing for the good though, which is shocking. There's movement afoot regarding too many belts and divisions. Ring Magazine has done great things in the past few years by trying to add their own unified champ (by name only) and their pound-for-pound list has become very influential. Anyway, there's really three legit belts: WBA, WBC and IBF... and in some cases, WBO.

As for Booche being turned off because boxing is corrupt. What tipped you off? A 100 years of questionable decisions, Vegas' hands all over the sport along with mobster connections, upstanding citizens like promotors Don King and Bob Arum, incidents like the "Phantom Punch", Hagler's loss to Sugar Ray etc...?

You know going in that boxing has a history of corruption, but you can't write off the whole sport. Many decisions on big fights are at least acceptable, but Holyfield got robbed against that Russian giant and fraud Valuev.

And don't think for a second UFC supporters that your sport will be immune to the same sort of problems? There's journeymen fighters in MMA and where they are, so are the possibilities for fighers to be on "the take". I follow the sport enough to know that the powers that be are worried about problems, splinter leagues and a proliferation of divisions, not mention corruption etc... And where are you Kimbo Slice?

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You know going in that boxing has a history of corruption, but you can't write off the whole sport.

Which is precisely why anyone with half a brain can write off the entire sport! One can only take so much bullshit before turning the page.

See what I mean about self-righteous boxing fans?

And where are you Kimbo Slice?

Probably in the same bar drinking with Butterbean.

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Guest Low Roller

What do you boxing fans think of that shaved gorilla Nikolai Valuev? Saviour of the heavyweight division or giant freakshow?


"Quit hitting yourself"


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