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On the road again...


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So yesterday was intense... flew into chicago and got right to work.

Filmed some interviews in the airport about Buck O'hare, right in front of the memorial.

Then off to Al capone's grave site.

Today was a blast. We spent most the day in Springfield, Il. We checked out the abe lincoln library, his first house, his law office, and his final resting place.

We also checked out the location the first corn dog was made.

Now we are about to hit the hay in St Louis... wonder what tomorrow will bring.

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End of day 3... what a long one.

Did the big St. Louis tour today. Hit Ted Drewes for some famous custard. Followed that with a tour of the budweiser brewery.

Checked out the arch's while we were there as well, and drove through the city a whole bunch.

Finally left the city around 4 - 5 and followed a combination of highway and old route 66 to Stanton Missouri, home of Jesse James.

Stayed on the road until we got to Springfield Missouri (2 springfields in 2 days... neat)

Now I'm in the hotel, just getting ready for bed, got a big day tomorrow.

I'm too beat to upload photo's today, so tomorrow will be a double batch.

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Day 4 is done

Started in Springfield Missouri and hit the road to check out some ghost towns. Made our way toward Kansas and saw some pretty cool locations and met some awesome people.

Once we hit Kansas we got to this restored gas bar right on of the movie "Cars". Literally, they modeled it for the movie. They also had a vintage tow truck outside that they designed the character To-Mater after.

For dinner we stopped at a diner in Kansas that had been robbed by Jesse James way back in the day.

After diner we checked out the Little League museum, and then drove into Oklahoma.

In Oklahoma we saw the boyhood house of Mickey Mantel.

After we drove to the famous coleman theatre.

Finally we checked out tbe Will Rogers memorial.

We then drove to just outside of Tulsa to some random casino resort where we finally got some sleep.

Missouri > Kansas > Oklahoma in one day!

Today we head even further west!

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So Day 5 is complete.

Big day of driving in Oklahoma.

From Tulsa to Clinton Oklahoma!

Bunch of great stops and what not along the way. Hi lights include meeting the girl who inspired the main female character for cars at her diner, and getting Elvis' room at the trades wind inn.

Although it seems like we are going to be staying at a different hotel as the room is in rough shape (group consensus).

I will have some photo's uploaded in the next 2 days. Just don't have time to do it right now as I have an exam I have to write via email tomorrow night... so I've been freaking out trying to work / study all at the same time.

Hope ya'll skanks are having a great time in the city.

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That's a wrap on day 8.

Las Vegas > Santa Fe > Bernalilo > Albuquerque

I just have to say that Santa Fe is absolutely gorgeous. Was blown away by the architecture, and how clean and pristine the city itself was.

Stopped at a bomb biker bar in bernalilo that opened the day after prohibition ended. The owner told us some interesting stuff about Al Capone, and his secret hide out he used to have just outside of town.

Finally we ended our day in Albuquerque where we are staying at a gorgeous bed and breakfast where Humphrey Bogart use to host parties and such.

As an aside kast night in Las Vegas we stayed at a haunted hotel. I hear footsteps coming from the empty room above us all night. To top it off at about 1:30 am while I was in the room alone there was a knock at the door, and no one was there when I opened it.


I know I am behind on photo's, but I have no time right now to get everything converted to upload... I will have something in the next couple days though.

Thanks for reading!

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Day 10 is complete...

Started in Flagstaff Arizona then drove to Seligman, where I got my hair cut by the "godfather" of route 66. This guy was personally responsible for the resurgence of 66 in the 80's.

What an amazing guy!

Continued to hit the road and am currently in Kingsman Arizona.

Starting to hit some really beautiful scenery... mountains galore.

Hope all is well in Ontario... be well skanks!

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