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The influence of Wilco made me smile


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Yesterday the influence of Wilco on my life over the past 13 plus years made me smile. This was due to the fact that I bought tickets to two separate shows yesterday for the late summer and fall that both have been touched by the greatness of Wilco.

First I got tickets to see Minus 5 for Sunday September 13th at the Legendary Horseshoe Tavern. For those of you who do not know Minus 5 is headed by Scott McCaughey and has had Peter Buck of R.E.M. fame in his band since the mid 1990's. In 2003 the Minus 5 released an album titled 'Down with Wilco' which had members of Wilco on it throughout, then Wilco appeared on the 2004 EP 'At the Organ' and again on the 2006 full length 'The Minus 5.'

Secondly, I picked up tickets to see Billy Bragg perform at the Phoenix on Tuesday November 17th and at the Studio Theatre on Wednesday November 18th. And most of you all know that Billy Bragg did the Mermaid Avenue albums Vol 1 & 2 with Wilco where they took unreleased lyrics of the late great Woody Guthrie and put them to music.

The fact that I bought tickets for both of these acts yesterday both with their Wilco connection made me smile. Now I enjoy both the Minus 5 and Billy Bragg in their own right was definitely helped along with the influence of Wilco.

Also the day Wilco's latest 'Wilco (the album)' was released my girlfriend Danielle and myself picked out our new Golden Retriever male puppy and we named it Wilco.

I'm getting excited to see Wilco for the 19th time (Jeff Tweedy 23rd) in Lewiston, NY on Sunday July 19th I hope one day I see that band headline their own arena/amphitheatre tour, it would be great if they got as big to play stadiums but one step at a time.

God bless Wilco,


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apparently your Wilco influence wasn't strong enough to compel you to attend the Jay Bennett tribute show at the Horseshoe last night.

Unfortunately I had to work afternoon shift this week. And I would have skipped work as I had in the past to see Jay Bennett with Wilco back in the day and I would have skipped work to see former Bennett bandmates play a tribute conert but not for that line-up.



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I just noticed in the paper that Billy Bragg is playing in Ottawa at the Bronson Center soon. Interesting venue.

That place is like a high school auditorium. Awkward. I thought I was going to get busted by a hall monitor for going to take a piss during Bright Eyes' opener...

I'm getting stoked for the Wilco show too; haven't seen them since Massey Hall. Nice plus that Conner Oburst is on the ticket as well...

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