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Has anyone on the board checked out this Toronto band called Steamboat? They're playing tonight at new all-the-rage Dundas/Ossington venue The Garrison.



All of their promo material and reviews are heavy on the The Band references, and that influence is obviously there in the songs they've got online. Check out the tune in the 2nd link there, I like.

Sandro Perri is dj'ing between sets. I've liked some of the stuff I've heard from him and have always been curious to see what he's all about live. Looks like a hot ticket and sure to be a indie hipster fest, but I can deal with that - good tunes (and subsequent good party) reign above all else! What is this venue like?

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What is this venue like?

It's not bad. It's got a front room, which is more like a restaurant with tables and a bar, and a back/music room with a stage, a big floor in front of it (Mavericks-sized, maybe), and another bar. I was there on Thanksgiving weekend, and it was still being renovated (there wasn't a sound booth per se, just a table with the mixing console on it), but even then, I've been to worse places.



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