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12/30/09 Phish


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Set One

Soul Shakedown Party

Runaway Jim

Jesus Just Left Chicago

Dixie Cannonball

Stealing Time From The Faulty Plan


What's The Use?



Rocky Top

Chalk Dust Torture

David Bowie

Set Two


The Curtain With


Back On The Train >

Wading In The Velvet Sea

Hold Your Head Up >

Love You >

Hold Your Head Up


Boogie On Reggae Woman

Run Like An Antelope



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Can't believe Fishman gave away his Electrolux.

Finally. That bit was done before the first hiatus.

But check the fuck out of this from tonight:

After Down With Disease, Fishman crawled into a giant mirror ball that was loaded into a cannon and fired into the crowd. The band recruited an audience member, Sara to play drums on Fluffhead.

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