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Artie Lang tries to commit suicide

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Multiple stab wounds is a pretty committed method of suicide.

It's how Elliott Smith killed himself. I can't fathom the amount of torment one would have to be experiencing in order to do that.

As for Artie, I certainly wish him the best. As much as I find him obnoxious to watch/listen to/look at, obviously he is a man who desperately needs help, and has been for some time. There was a no-holds-barred article about him in Rolling Stone within the past year or so, where he talked about how his career was the only aspect of his life in which he even remotely had his act together, and how he would much rather be an anonymous plumber in Seattle than Artie Lange the millionaire comic. Hopefully this will be a turning point for him.

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I read about this on sternfannetwork last weekend, but it was all rumour. I didn't believe it. This was going on just before TMZ broke the news of Artie being rushed to the hospital, yet the family was not releasing details.

Today some asswipe leaked out the details. though it sounds like he may have spoken with Dr. Drew.

No one could possibly guess what he was thinking. He probably didn't want to go down by drugs so maybe he though stabbing himself would be better? I don't understand how you could stab yourself in the stomach.

I really hope he recovers and he can perform again. He's hilarious. Read his book when you get a chance.

Howard discusses the story today.


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that's very true, bouche. he also has a new girlfriend and all accounts are that he was reducing shows and trying to take things easier. he was on his way to recovery (albeit still quite bumpy) which is why this is surprising. i still love and care for artie. you can't not care for him if you regularly listen to the show.

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this seems so surreal to me. i can't imagine what the guy is going through. at this point i hope he makes it back to better health, i don't know if he'll be back on the show, but that would be amazing.

i had a feeling something serious was going down.

the stern show makes my commute from dundas to toronto a breeze. i laugh out loud to myself on the train often, and i hope it never goes away.

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