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Lee Harvey Osmond at the Black Sheep this weekend


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Hey folks, just givin' a holler that my Huron bandmate Cam Malcolm and I will be coming to the Black Sheep in Wakefield this weekend playing in Tom Wilson's Lee Harvey Osmond collective. This band has been getting pretty trippy, and last time we were at the Black Sheep we had a standing-room dancing crowd, it was great. Liam Titcomb opens up. Two shows, Friday and Saturday night. Come on out if you would!

In other news, Huron is gonna be in Ottawa on March 19, playing Maverick's with Cuff the Duke. Stoked!

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LHO played in Ann Arbor, MI last night, and a recording of the show is being torrented:


Note that this recording is just a duo of Tom Wilson (guitar, vocals) and Ray Farrugia (percussion, vocals), not the full band that'll be in Wakefield this weekend; reportedly the rest of the band didn't/couldn't get to the show.



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Clarify why it's "just a duo" recording.
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Sigh - the border thing is not really the full story. Taper guy makes it sound like we were held at the border. The truth is, yes, there was a hold-up with our US visas for this group for some reason. But if you've been following the other goings-on in Good Rev land, you'll know that I'm playing with Ian Blurton's Happy Endings/Huron at the Dakota in Toronto every Wednesday night in January and February. So I was never going to be at this gig anyhow.

In any event, we had an almost-sold-out Friday night and an oversold Saturday night at the Black Sheep, so all was a great success. Things got really jammy, especially Sat night, it was real fun to play that room again. If there were Skancs in the house they didn't introduce themselves to me...

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