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Freak By Night

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Saw them again in Montreal last night and it was amazing. Maybe my favourite Maiden show yet. The setlist is awesome. Enjoy!!

Tip for the newbies -- keep your eyes on the spaztic stage antics of guitarist Janick Gers, typically on the right side facing the stage. I'm pretty sure his guitar isn't even plugged in.

Killer fan video from last night:


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I've seen Maiden twice, both times at Bluesfest in Ottawa, and I thought this tour was far superior to the one a couple (or there or four?) years ago. I may be biased because I was more familiar with the songs this time around so I certainly felt more engaged.

Long story short....if you are in Toronto you should go to this show while drinkingbeersandsmokinggaggers.

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The show in Montreal on Wednesday was wicked. Totally enjoyed it even though my seat wasn't great. I agree with Booche's comment about the more familiar set list. But I still enjoyed their bluesfest appearance in 2010 nearly as much.

Everyone, well at least 95% of everyone at Centre Bell had an Iron Maiden t-shirt. We were like an army!

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