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yes i've been in the newspaper a few times since i was little The last one was a pic of my mom me and my child when he was a baby for a story on closing the grace cuz we were 3 generations born there (and my mom worked in that ward there for 35 years)


I guess the most interesting newspaper family pic we've had in was a picture of my father near the front of the vigil held on parliament hill the day john lennon was killed.

h in google reveales h-net

i use to go by the nickname heed - go right ahead and try typing in heed.com - see what you get and then understand why i dropped the eed from my name [big Grin] (18 and older only please)

whose next?

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odd that any male female duo would compare themselves to ike and tina

little h is much bigger now as am i - though he not as big as me yep, that's me in the profile too, he was close to identical at that age for a boy - its just such a weird thing to have a person look like you because they are from you

anyway, thanks very much for the complements, i just posted it cuz i remembered it was still up on the server

phakinit_thru, you didnt answer Ms Hux's original questions...

bouche, have you ever been in the paper?

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OK...I put my name in Google and it resulted in.... no results...ha! Are you baiting me H....

Like phish on a hook..this otta be fun.

I don't believe I have ever been in any papers having done my best to keep a low profile but I don't read the papers so if I was in one...I wouldn't see me.


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H, this one's for you babe!

Type your name into Google. What comes up?

Similarily, have you ever been in a newspaper? Why?


Google reveals Dr. Huxtable's website.

I was in a newspaper for volunteering with my company in a United Way fundraiser last spring and when I was 6, I won a singing contest and my grandma put a Congratulatory ad in the local rag.

Now youse....

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Not the first thing but pretty interesting...

It was the summer of 1975

name witheld by request

It was the summer of 1975. I was 10 years old then, soon to be 11. My girlfriend Cyndy had invited Yvette and Sabine (sisters) and myself to spend the night in a tent in her back­yard. Cyndy also had a swimming pool which we played in that evening after we had set up our sleeping bags in the tent. As always we tied the rubber dinghy to the stairs in the swimming pool when we finished our swim.

It was still light enough to see clearly as we changed into our pyjamas in the tent. I wore a nightie which buttoned up in front. Cyndy had shown us the pretty picture on her new pyjamas which we all admired. Because of Cyndy’s dog, Lady, who was 14 years old, there was a strict rule to keep the gate shut at all times. We all loved Lady and understood it could be dangerous for the dog if we ever left the gate open, so we had always respected that rule. That night, as usual, Lady slept inside the house.

After getting dressed we all came outside the tent to hang our bathing suits and towels on the clothesline. We were standing outside the tent talking when Sabine pointed towards the gate and said in an alarmed voice "There's a man standing by the gate!" We all turned and looked towards the gate. There was no man there anymore. One of us then said, "The gate is open!" which we all noticed. Sabine said again, "I saw a man standing there, I did." Strangely we all just turned around and went inside the tent and laid down. Then Sabine said, "I think it might have been a dog that I saw." With that we went to sleep.

It is so odd that we were unconcerned that there was a man standing there and the gate was open. That simply wasn't normal behaviour for us. We were typical 10 and 11 year old girls. Normally we would have run into the house to tell Cyndy's Parents there is some weirdo watching us. It would have given us quite a scare normally, but this wasn't a normal evening.

The next morning when we awoke, Cyndy stood up and said, "My Pyjamas are inside out!" Instinctively I looked down and I discovered my nightie was also inside out. I remembered buttoning up my nightie the night before and I thought, 'how is it possible for me to button up my nightie while it is inside out, especially without realizing it?' "Mine is inside out too!" I said. Cyndy said, "I know I put my Pyjamas on properly last night. Remember me showing you guys the picture on it?" Yvette's and Sabine's clothes were not inside out though. Cyndy and I were shocked and confused looking at each other in disbelief. "What happened? How on earth did our clothes get inside out?" we wondered. Yvette was annoyed. "Come on you guys, knock it off. I woke up in the middle of the night and you weren't here. 1 know you're joking around." "What?! You woke up and we weren't here!? Are you SERIOUS!?" Yvette told us she woke up and the porch light was on and we were gone, so she figured we must have gone into the house t use the bathroom. By this time Cyndy and I were looking at each ­other with our mouths hanging open and our eyes popping out, and at the same time laughing. We were a little hysterical.

We went outside and found the rubber dinghy floating freely in the pool. Cyndy's and my bathing suits and towels were wet, but Yvette's and Sabine's were dry. The gate was now closed. All these observations Cyndy and I were making were just causing Yvette and Sabine to become more fed up with what they thought was some silly charade we were putting on for them. We tried unsuccessfully to convince them that it was no joke. Cyndy and I became frustrated from begging them to believe us and we just shook our heads and laughed at our ridiculous situation. (To this day Yvette and Sabine still don't believe that we didn't try to set the whole thing up.)

Between the two of us we carefully went over everything that had happened the night before, step by step. (This is why I still remember such details as buttoning up my nightie, etc.)

We finally concluded that the man Sabine saw hypnotized us into going for a swim in our sleep. We could think of no other explanation. Since then whenever Cyndy and I have bumped into each other we always say "Remember that time.... ? Wasn't that weird?!"

Just recently my husband John had read 'Transformation' and we were discussing the Aliens and peoples' experiences with them. The subject of that night when four of us slept in a tent came up. I always knew that whole evening was quite peculiar, but for the first time it dawned on me just how strange it was. And especially strange that we went to bed unconcerned after Sabine said she saw a man standing by the gate and we had all noticed the gate was open. It was also the first time I even considered that possibly we had been abducted. Who knows what really happened? Maybe we just got caught in an episode of 'The Twilight Zone'

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Funny this topic should come up.... Northern Wish and I were having a chuckle over this one a few months ago, I've got a few weird ones my friends have dug up for me...

Here's me as a surfer

Here's my Blues Band

Here's my arch nemesis that actually LIKES DMB

But this by far is the strangest one....

It's actually my poem, I wrote it in 11th Grade for Wired Writers forums-somehow this German website saw fit to use it for the introduction to their website...It's a strange world...



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The second search that came up, was a link to www.jamhub.ca

The Sanctuary came up around 9th

This was the 4th or something (seriously, from starwarschicks.com)

"Master, this is going to be harder than I thought. I came across a girl, about 15 or 16 standard years old, lying unconscious in the Booche forest. I couldn't just leave her there, so now she is asleep in my bed," Obi-Wan said into the com-link.

"Do not fret, my young padawan. This is something I can not help you with. I am stuck here untill the Neematodes can finish their negotiations with the Kornat. You will do fine. May the force be with you."

"Yes, Master."

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Great topic Ms. H. INterseting responses by all. Here is the most interesting thing that came up for me:

From here: http://www.oxford.net/~bobnet/hoser/back/v1n9.html



Vol. 1, No. 9

June, 1998 Weather: Don't leave back bacon out on sunny days, cause it goes bad. Unless you want to play a practical joke on your hosehead brother, then you put it in his tuque before he puts it on.

by Bob McKenzie, Editor


-- I edited too, eh! -- Doug McKenzie, the other Editor


Bob: Good day, welcome to The Hoser, I'm Bob McKenzie, this is my brother Doug.

Doug: Howzit goin', eh?

Bob: Ok, today, the topic is, back bacon.

Doug: Huh?

Bob: Oh, yeah. How to cook back bacon and not get sick. Ok, go, hoser.

Doug: Ok. Back bacon is like, cured, eh? And sometimes you get the pickled stuff, but it doesn't taste like a pickle...

Bob: Well, 'cause it's not really pickled - it's like pickled eggs, eh?

Doug: Oh geez. I'm not eating those again. Anyway, the companies that make the back bacon make you think that it's safe to eat, but it's not.

Bob: No, don't eat it raw, eh?

Doug: Yeah, last week, Bob ate a package of back bacon without cooking it first. What a hoser!

Bob: I couldn't get the Coleman started, eh?

Doug: Anyway, he ate, like, a pound of back bacon, then puked all over the place!

Bob: Oh geez, why'd you have to bring up that!

Doug "Bring up", you were the one who brought something up - it was the back bacon you ate!

Bob: Take off, eh?!

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Name dropping ...

One of today's Top Five lists:

The Top 6 Parenting Tips Learned from "The Osbournes"

6> When it comes to carpet, the smell of pet urine cancels out

the smell of people urine.

5> Taking the Lord's name in vain at the table counts as "grace

before meals."

4> Shopping for make-up can be a bonding experience for the whole


3> Bats are an excellent source of protein.

2> A bottle-brush is perfect for removing the stains inside a


and the Number 1 Parenting Tip Learned from "The Osbournes"...

1> If you mumble incoherently to the kids all day long, consider

subtitles to make your directions clearer.

[ Copyright 2002 by Chris White ]

[ http://www.topfive.com ]

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