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whos got my heady hangover cure?

mikey d

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Not so much a cure, but more of a prevention idea-I had heard somewhere that if you take a couple Tylenol Cold & Sinus pills before you crash will help ease the hangover symptoms next morning. I have tried this a few times and it does seem to help. Advil Sinus medication seems to work the same magic. I told a friend about this and he now swears by it. Never goes out drinking without taking some sinus pills first. As for easing a hangover once it has hit you, take some vitamin B12, lots of water and try to do something to keep active

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a couple of multi vitamins and a few extra C's, lots of water and depending on how bad it is...food.

alternatively, hair of the dog only postpones the pain until later but it makes feel good enough to smoke yourself into a coma, sleep is the way to go if your body will let you anyway.

And Paisley, it's Pepsi, not Coke ;)

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