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Questions for Vorcza Trio : Interview Pending....

Jay Funk Dawg

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Why don’t you ask them about the relatively recent rebirth of jazz and how they think electronics have altered the artistic merit (if at all)? Maybe Gabe will have some insight on this, given his father’s recognition as a jazz pianist? Ask Ray about the “spontaneous arrangement of ideas” and if he feels one coming on for Toronto. Ask what's the dealio with Vermont? The water, the trees, the cool Canadian winds blowing down?

Never mind, just ask if any of them would consider making out with someone named Large Marge ;)

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"significance" - The state or quality of being significant.

Here are the artists bios; seems quite significant to me.

Gabe Jarrett (Drums, Percussion) has toured internationally and recorded with the Jazz Mandolin Project. He has performed with Michael Ray and the Cosmic Crewe, Gordon Stone, James Harvey, Matt Schulman, Peter Apfelbaum, The Jazz Passengers, Adam Kolker, Karl Berger and many others. He has taught percussion at Goddard College and the University of Vermont. At the New School Jazz Program he performed with Thomas Chapin, Peter Madsen and Sam Furnace.

Ray Paczkowski (Hammond, Rhodes, Calvinet) has toured and recorded with Trey Anastasio's band and was recently on Late Night With David Letterman in promotion for their new album. He has also recorded with Dave Schools (Widespread Panic) and Viperhouse. Ray has also appeared on stage with John Medeski (Medeski, Martin and Wood), Marshall Allen, Lester Bowie, Arthur Brooks, Phil Carr and Dave Matthews.

Robinson Morse (bass, trombone) composed and performed pieces for the band Viperhouse. He is very active in the Vermont original music scene, working with such groups as Orchid under the direction of Michael Chorney, Tala Sextet, and others.

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I'd like to hear the trio's (or just Ray's) thoughts on the whole taping/trading/archive.org thing. I don't see any VT (which is also the short form for Vermont...coincidence?) shows on archive.org, so I'm wondering if it's because none have been uploaded yet, or because the trio has decided not to be a part of that.



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ask them how they listen and interact...perhaps to liken it metaphorically if it helps.

how do they center themselves when they're stressed out?

what's some good advice for scenebuilding as well as getting people enthused in the scene/music?

what problems did they face with the media/publicity?

how do they see the trio changing over time?

any promising acts that they've learned somehting from?

how they've dealt with ego and interpersonal chemistry?

tour horror stories??

what do they think of groupies?

how do they find time for themselves while touring and spending time so closely with band and crew members?

what are they reading/writing?

personal influences and directions?

ask them to try to describe the dynamic they feel from playing and how it's different when they hear their material recorded

are those any good?

hope you even get an idea for a question from one of mine.

anything i can do...

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