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i framed my nero NYE poster....

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anyone have any pictures of posters from previous years?

i don't have any nero posters, but I have a bunch of other band posters plak-mounted. A couple signed Robert Randolph & The Family Band, a Ralph Stanley & The Clinch Mountain Boys, Terrapin Nation, DSO. I have 4 more in being framed and pick them up on Friday :)

boogieknight has a wicked framed poster collection ::

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you take a poster to a reputable shop, and they'll put a quality wood backing on them...

the ones i have done, you can't tell they weren't bought like it. I have an original Bosten Phish NYE 94-95, matted....

Now you loose any monitary value associated with it, because it can't be undone, like you can take a poster out of a frame....

but i personally think the posters i had matted look better than teh custom framed ones.....

i think it has to do with no colour frame...unless you have the colour matched professionally, like i did with my crazy green colour oyserhead poster, you'll often get a frame that takes away from the poster.

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