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Beer Store Drive-Thru!!!


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I remember using one there years ago... don't know why it's just hitting the news now...

Yeah me too,I think it was in Richmond Hill but I could be wrong,I know it was during the late eighties though cuz I was still playing hockey.

As for why its being brought up now (as it was then also),I saw on the news the other day,although this has been done before,it was only in very selective areas and eventually the idea was dropped,most of the trial "drive-up" (thats what they called it) beer stores from back then closed the option in time.

[edit to add]

Just decided to read the article (already knew so I hadn't when I posted) and as I mentioned.

The Beer Store experimented with drive-throughs 15 years ago.

Lanes were installed at the Wharncliffe Road outlet and a handful of others, but they were dropped after a few years.

"It wasn't used very much, to be frank," Simmons said.

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Home delivery kicks SERIOUS ass.

We do it here from time to time as well SolarG. They charge you 5$ but they also take away your empties whilst creditting you for them! We usually give a couple of two-four's as a tip. Not just a couple of weeks ago, the delivery person showed up with a dozen Sleaman Clear.

"Umm, I didnt order that. I ordered Sleaman Creamale."

"Yeah, I thought it was weird. I just figured you may have been trying a new brand."

No problems, she went back to the Beer Store and grabbed my original order. I'm not entirely sure what that says about me but I have an idea.

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In Hamilton the "beer store" itself doesn't do the deliveries but we have numerous beer delivery businesses throughout the city,they will also take empties ($2 for a 24 & $1 for a 12),as well pick up smokes,fast food,groceries etc.Usual beer delivery price is between $4-7.

Taxi's will also deliver beer and you can get a case at 3am for a serious inflated price,which works when you have 9 hours to wait for the beer store to open.

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Barrie had it near Molson park, maybe they still do.

Sadly, no. They closed it down not long after the Molson plant was shut down (to become a grow op). I can see the building from here. :(

Luckily, there is now an LCBO superstore across from my work. There's no drive-thru, but it's nice to go in and browse. My favourite place to go shopping at lunchtime. ;)

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