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Paul Simon


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happy birthday mr simon!

What are his best albums?

personally rhythm of the saints has to be at the top of the list. "hearts and bones" is on my list, but mostly because of the song "train in the distance."

"still crazy after all these years" has a lot of his more familiar and really strong tunes on it.

as always, music is subjective, ymmv :)

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Hey Paul, happy birthday!

Saw Paul Simon at Molson Amp in 2000 or so. What a fantastic good time show! Surely in my top 10 of all time. Brian Wilson opened up and after he played we saw some guy leaving to go home or whatever... he was only there to see Brian Wilson. Frickin lunatic!

As for playing You Can Call Me Al twice, that woulda been aweseome! Do do do doo, do do do doo. When I saw g 'n' f'n r in '92 they played You COuld Be Mine twice in a row... I wanted to yank my ears off the sides of my head and stuff 'em in my pockets so I couldn't hear it! Also, in 2001 at the Casbah, BNB played Speedbump twice in a row. That was fun!

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Paul was married to Edie as well. Good taste there Paul.

My only other experience of hearing someone repeat a tune live was Gowan, on the Strange Animal tour. For his encore he said "What do you do when you've played all your material? You repeat yourself!" and he went on to play the second version of Strange Animal that evening. It was remarkably lame.

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hey havent seen or heard about you since the town. how's the baby? baby tell the wife i say wad up korey says fucjk youi bitch, baby-li ver

way tooo painsy

shit i still cant type

hate you guys very much

n korey & Sara

P.S. I don't mind,

if you come around and drink up all my wine,

it wouldn't be the first time.

you can come around but don't you talk to me.

I'm not in the mood for conversationnnnnnn.

You can come around,

but don't ya talk to meeeeeeeeeeeee.

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