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I can't even begin to sum up in words at how brillant and just plain FUN that was!

I just barely holding on here at work ... but I will try harder later..and with pics

oh and team ottawa...that was such a fun meeting on the bus :) whoooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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Well, it really was a perfect weekend. Highlights for me include: being with most of my favourite people, staying in a cabin in the woods, a great turn out at the shows, the band sounding awesome, playing good songs, light show gets better every time I see them, seeing Hodge, Whiteface set was perfect (temperature, setting, dancing, tailspin, meat, bearsong reprise!!etc...) having great home-cooked meals, Everyone Orchestra (conductor and Fishman in particular) Reid singing Deal, Jim and Fishman drum-off, Stacey buying snow-beast poncho, guy with flourescent green spandex spider unitard!!! (unbelievable), random creepy dude that followed us to the aftershow, U-melt with Shannon Lynch on sax, kissing Rob on the cheek :D , finally getting a cab back to our place, photo shoot with the snow-beast poncho, and all the other memories I didn't mention.

Perfect Perfect Perfect!

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OK, here's a specific pair of questions, directed at all who went: Aside from moe., which was the best act, in your opinion? What were the surprising acts?



TLG ruled the cloudspin chalet after moe. finished

most surprising goes to all people orchestra

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Truly a magical weekend (although I know that's not as descriptive as some people want). Despite really enjoying their music of late, I'm definitely not fluent enough in moe. speak to offer much in the way of critical analysis, but here goes (with other bands thrown in):

Friday Night:

GDSS - I had never seen Rory do his thing, but it was a treat to behold. The feedback from pretty much everyone that I talked to was really positive. I'm really glad I had the chance to take it in a few times over the weekend, and it was great to talk to you, Rory.

Gordon Stone - Mellower sounds from VT. The guy plays banjo and pedal steel (and has a bass player and percussionist), but there are some strong world music influences that made the set sounds less like straight-up roots music than I was hoping for.

Soulive - Standard set from them, which is to say that it was funky, intense and damn entertaining. These cats never disappoint.

moe. - Hell yes. Whenever "32 Things" opens, you know they came to play, and by "Okay Alright," the place seemed to be really rockin' (although that was right when my buzz was kicking into high gear, so I'm biased there). Also, "New York City" was the first moe. song I ever heard and fell in love with, so it really got me going. Musically speaking, one of the tastiest dishes going right now is a Rebub. sandwich, and with Bearsong for desert, you know the people were happy.

Saturday Afternoon:

moe. - I was expecting a mellower, perhaps acoustic set here, but was I ever wrong. The band rocked hard on the side of the mountain, and the vibe was beautiful. Everyone was grooving hard to stave off the cold, and although they were visibly quite cold, the band gave a hell of a performance. Highlights for me were St. Augustine and Timmy Tucker, and the Bearsong (an interesting choice for a repeat) was even better than the night before.

Saturday Night:

ASSEMBLY OF DUST!!! - Something about these guys just clicked for me, and I really think I'll be travelling to see them in the future. Groovin' rock and roll with some Southern twang and pop sensabilities (if that makes sense). Reid Genauer is an incredible singer and great lyricist, and they gelled really well as a band. They "went off" a few times, but avoided the usual "jamband" wankery and weren't over-indulgent. I'm really excited about the prospect of getting more into these guys.

Dread Clampitt - Probably the weekend's only disappointment for me. After hearing about how they tore moe.down a new one, I was let down by a mellow set that never really got off the ground. Talented, for sure, but what I heard would go better on a Sunday drive rather than a Saturday rager. To each his own.

Everyone Orchestra - Definitely entertaining. The conductor was all over the stage, giving direction to both the band and the crowd, and it made for quite a unique experience. Musical elitests will complain that they didn't go anywhere, and the talent on the stage was wasted, but it was a really engaging set of music that had its moments of brilliance. Besides, a little musical irreverance never hurt anyone.

Woodenspoon - NICE. These guys were really, really impressive. Highly recommended for anyone who digs roots music. Acoustic and featuring a mandolin, but not very bluegrassy, they put on one of the more melodic sets that I saw, and were great. Another band I'm looking forward to getting into, and their tune ("Yesterday", I think) on the compilation CD the festival handed out has been played at least half a dozen times in my car since Sunday.

moe. - Wicked. The one long set was kind of cool, although I have to admit I felt a little bit short-changed. What a set, though. "Mexico" served as a great opener, and "Deal" with Reid Genauer (Assembly of Dust) got a huge reaction (predictably). The "Drums" with Fishman was crazy - it didn't at all feel like "Drums" for the sake of "Drums", which can sometimes happen with bands who don't do it every night. By the time "Enter Sandman" was unleashed, it was absolute bedlam inside that building. I can't think of the last time I saw an arena crowd quite so fired up.

So yeah. I guess that was pretty long and mostly just one guy's opinion, but there you go. Two thumbs way up from this dude, and my fingers are crossed for this to be annual. To anyone who had a stranger in oversized green sunglasses wish them a "Happy snoe.down," I hope I didn't freak you out - just trying to spread a little snoe.y love.



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