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Recognize these Canadian Bands?

Guest Low Roller

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Guest Low Roller

There is a music festival happening in Brighton in May, and they are advertising a Canadian contingent of bands to "showcase the newly re-vamped Canadian music scene".

Recognize any of the following?

Blood Meridian

Holy Fuck

Immaculate Machine

DJ Champion

Magneta Lane

Metric (well fine, I heard of them)


The High Dials

Small Sins

Controller Controller

You Say Party! We Say Die!

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Immaculate Machine and Controller Controller play in Peterborough on a fairly regular basis I remember, though I don't know if I saw them.

Small Sins is the new name for the band formerly known as The Ladies & Gentlemen. (learned that on guigsy's blog!!)

I saw The High Dials play in Peterborough.. If I remember correctly they had a psychedelic pop sound, and a cool poster for their show.


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Small Sins are incredible live. the way you described what you liked about the Clap Your Hands And Say Yeah show, i think you'd be right into Small Sins.

Holy Fuck are way more electro-super-intense than "indie", not bad live for the most part.

heard good things about controller controller.

i know there's a magneta lane show happening here that i wanna check out - unless i missed it.. i'll let ya know how it is.

hey, how bad can it be? at least none of them are the slip. :P

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Holy Fuck - I love these guys... It's a dude from King Cobb Steelie on bass, Blue Rodeo's drummer, Brian Borcherdt and another dude. Electro squeeky stuff, awesome beats and stuff. I really like them.

Magneta Lane - Hot chicks with guitars.

Metric - Way better live now than even just a few months ago. Same songs though.

Novillero - Paul Weller / Jam - ish pop. Guy used to front Duotang. Sounds a lot like Paul Weller to me.

The High Dials - "Psychedelic" pop with sitar at times, good band kinda. Not awesome, but not bad.

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