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First East Coast Trip musical or otherwise.

At the beginning of this whole putting bands together on my own thing, which started about 4 years ago, my primary mission statement was "If I don't get in a van and drive with some musicians to play music in for some people in place I've never been before I die, I'll be pissed with myself".

Well that action is within reach and I can't stop smiling.

Thank you all for your continual support and guidance in the time I've known you.

Wish me luck.


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Deeps and co played a solid set to small crowd last night. In typical Moncton, late-going style, the bar filled up shortly into Stephen Franke's set. The hippies brought their fucking hula hoops to the bar.

I didn't stick around too long, didn't get a chance to say hi or introduce myself.

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Glad you caught the show Dave-O.

Thanks for the well wishes everyone.

The shows were what you'd expect for our first time out. Slightly attended and hap hazzard sound wise as we were the first of 3 bands for 2 of the dates.

We were graciously hosted everywhere we went. We were taken in by complete strangers in Moncton and St John. St John's host managed to muster up a pretty sweet dance party that involved a bunch of locals and all the bands from that night.

The boys in Moncton were artists and musicians who treated us to a nice chilled out scene followed by a pretty nice and lengthy jam in the early afternoon the day after the show.

I feel like we played pretty well and that it did us a world of good to be around Slowcoaster, Noises From the Toolshed and Jimmy Swift.

The experience these bands have really is reflected in their sound and will guide us as a band as to what it takes to get to that point. It was also affirming to realize that despite our youth we're not that far off.

A little hard work and a little closer attention to detail while not being really fucking hard on ourselves should do the trick.

Chuggles in Antigonish was a fun place to play. The Dr dFunkt experience was high energy and driving.

The halloween party was ridiculous. The Marquee is one of the nicest rooms in this country and the party that these boys threw was an inspiration. The decorations, the unreal sound system and the highjynks of the after party in the bar until 7am made this the highlight for me.

Craig from JSB set us up with an additional set in the basement bar at the Marquee. This helped get some late arrivals into our sound.

Our band is immensely thankful for Craig's efforts and generosity despite his ridiculous schedule that has involved completion of the JSB CD, touring the new CD, arranging the Halloween bash and pecking away at grant applications.

Thanks Craig.

Anywho...some people in the East are now aware of what we do and we are looking forward to returning some time after the winter.



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Attendance will increase if you keep coming out on a semi-regular basis. Ask the nero, Toolshed or Vanderpark guys about their first few trips out east. Maritimers are fiercely loyal to their tried and true bands (see Sloco) but not so willing to take a chance on an unknown.

The hippies brought their fucking hula hoops to the bar.
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