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well family, its that time of year again...

leading up to this weekend, i had 14 days of work in a row, 3 papers and an exam.... it was stressful to say the least...

tommorow, i leave to buffulo to meet up with my girlfriend, and the next morning, we head off to bonnaroo.

i am fucking pumped, and i'm pretty much all set, aside from some of the finer points.

safe travels to all the people who aren't pussies and are doing it. BRRAP BRRAP BRRAP.

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It looks like there'll be live streaming video for all the homegamers:




nice, watched a lot of blueroom footage last year... awesome footage

am a little fair skinned for the fields of Tennesseee... not to mention my "high alert" fear of the state troopers in that neighbourhood

baby sitting tomorrow night just got a whole lot better!

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