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Any Juicers out there?


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And no I don't mean steroids.

So I did the research and finally shelled out for a sweet good quality juicer this morning, settled on an Omega 8003:


Pumped I will no longer be paying Booster Juice's rent each month, anybody else into juicing? have any good reccomendations/recipes?

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I mostly make smoothies, because I find no matter the fruit the results are thicker than juice so I throw in a bit of yogurt to go all the way.

Don't use kiwis unless you completely clean off the skin.......

Peaches rule.....

Any small amount of pineapple will improve the flavour of any concoction......

Its all fruit, so its all good!

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i got my wife a champion juicer for the wedding gift, its like 4 or 500 in stores but we got a sweet deal thru one of her natural health contacts. we got the heavy duty commercial one and it rocks.

theres a good page for recipes here too hux


i dont know if yours will do the ice creams and nut butters.

enjoy your juices buddy!

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where are the heady tips for cleaning these things?

Our juicer only gets about a weekly run every few months...with all good intentions, I install it on the counter but after a week of struggling each day to clean the bloody thing, it stuffed back in a cupboard!

thanks, though, for the reminder to dust it off again for awhile....

and Hux, I definitely second the recommendation for beet + carrot.....just how pink can you make yer poo? (pics not necessary)

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This morning I had a glass of apple, carrot, pear, beet, broccoli, cabbage - good morning!

CJ - clean up all depends on what you have, mine has about 5 pieces you basically just run under the tap, takes about 2 minutes, very quick and easy.

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is your strainer hard to clean?

thats the worst, i use a tooth brush to clean it

as for the rest 2 sec it is done

your is really big

i only have hamilton beach but would definetly get another one if it was better

the part where you put your veg. or fruit is a bit small sooner sooner throw it in hardly cut up

let me know or i,ll squeel on you

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