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*** Winners Selected *** Ani DiFranco in Toronto


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Jambands.ca is pleased to give away tickets to:


Ani DiFranco

Nov. 06 - 07, 2007

The Music Hall Theatre in Toronto


The set list may change every single night, but there are certain sounds you can safely expect to hear during just about any ANI DIFRANCO show: ANI DIFRANCO’s innovative guitar tunings and signature percussive finger picking, of course, along with soaring vocals that slide effortlessly from a whisper to a roar and back again. But that’s just the action on the stage; out in the house you’ll invariably hear a crowd, sometimes screaming with one giant voice, sometimes singing along to songs that might be so new they haven’t even been recorded yet. Other times there’s no sound at all, because everyone in the room is hanging on ANI’s every word. There will be a lot of laughter, too—ANI’s own, and everybody else’s. And if you listen very, very carefully, you may even hear a first-time audience member’s jaw drop.

Here’s your chance to experience the evolution of a true original. Canon, the first-ever retrospective of ANI DIFRANCO’s career, takes listeners from the confessional folk of her early days to the foundation-shaking poetry of 2006’s Reprieve, touching on all the funky forays in between. With Canon fans will get an unprecedented look at how the artist sees her prolific career, and newcomers will get the ultimate primer in DiFrancology. Because like everything else she creates, ANI made this record to her precise specifications, carefully selecting 36 songs from her voluminous back catalog, including tunes from her first album and her 19th.

ANI DIFRANCO is a songwriter, vocalist and guitarist perpetually on the move. Don’t miss ANI DIFRANCO bringing a musical brand of insight, compassion and empowering attitude on November 6th and 7th at The Music Hall.

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Doors - 7:00

Show - 8:00

TICKETS (incl. GST): $47.50; All Ages / Reserved Seating

Tickets on sale NOW


OR CALL (416) 870-8000 TO CHARGE BY PHONE. ORDER ON LINE - http://www.ticketmaster.ca

Check Out Ani on The Henry Rollins Show

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i think everyone is missing a very important point here ... Henry Rollins has a show?!?

i really enjoyed Ani at Hillside this year. she seems to have mellowed with the birth of her daughter in January and we were treated to the kinder, gentler side of ms. difranco. of course, untouchable face isnt exactly a kid-friendly, festival kinda song ;) so hopefully the danforth show will have a bit more angst.

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Congratulations! Here are the winners for a pair of tickets to see Ani Difranco at The Music Hall

Nov. 6th


Dancin' man


Nov. 7th


Vic Newman


I will need your mailing addresses today or tomorrow and I'll mail out the tickets right away in order to get them to you on time. If I can send multiple winners tickets to someone who will see another winner, that would be great too.

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