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The last time they were at Massey I literally scored front row centre seats for 6 of us on the day of the show, must have been some corporate order that was dropped or something. Anyway while the show was awesome I remember being disappointed at having paid 50 bucks and they played for about 65 minutes. No matter though, I think my plan this time is to see both Toronto and Hamilton! Sweet.

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From their track record with canadian dates I'm very bewildered about that hamilton gig. What a fuckin treat!

I hope I win the tree.

From the the Onion, interview with John McCrea:

We’re giving away a tree every time we play for the rest of our career — however long that lasts. We’ll ask some question like “How long did the Civil War last?†Last night somebody answered “four yearsâ€, and they were right, and we gave them a Colorado Blue Spruce. We’re asking them to send a picture of themselves standing next to the tree every year or two, and we’ll watch the tree grow as the person shrinks.

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Anyone here ever been to Sound Acadamy for a show? I was looking at their site and the venue sounds stellar fantastic.

I was there for Ween last year, and didn't like it very much. If CAKE were at The Opera House (or even Kool Haus), I might do both Toronto and Montreal, but with it at Sound Academy, I'll save my energy and money for Metropolis.



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