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Anyone remember Victoria Jackson from SNL?


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Remember Victoria Jackson from SNL?

I always found her pretty annoying, as opposed to funny...but anyway...she's gone a little bit..um..batshit crazy...

Check out her website:


Some of her wisdom:

"I hope that America realizes that Obama is a communist before it's too late."

"Thank you God above for giving us George W. Bush, and for giving us John McCain and Sarah Palin."

"Obama, call me. I'll explain Christianity to you. Maybe you'll get saved and start loving unborn babies."

"I don't want a political label, but Obama bears traits that resemble the anti- Christ and I'm scared to death that un- educated people will ignorantly vote him into office."

Plenty more where those came from!

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Funny I read this crap yesterday. Found from a link re: Al Franken's bid. Yep she's a nutter no doubt about it.

Along a similar vein I never knew that Ben Stein was a creationist. Crackers I tell ya. Hopefully I'm not offending those who believe that Man and Dinosaur co mingled a mere 6000 years ago.

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you're busy looking this shit up buy you're not taking your scrabble turn??? now there's a wtf.

All part of my negarious plot to drive you insane' date=' Schwa. ;)[/quote']

You'd better not try to use that as a scrabble word!

Why not? That's totally a word. One who "negates" things could, rightfully, be characterized as "negarious"!

Yes. I just totally invented a word. My legacy will live on.

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The Republicans always get the big winner celebrities. Fuck I mean Stephen Baldwin doesn't even act anymore he just does evangelical crusades judged on the merits of how many teenagers respond to the call to the stage and conversion ratios (I mean literal conversion ratios).

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