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How was David Byrne??


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awesome show... that guy can really sing! lots of fun TH songs, including once in a lifetime, take me to the river, and burning down the house!

backup singers and dancers were fun to watch... and david interacts well with the crowd. i think the performers were fairly impressed with the energetic crowd and massey hall in general.

really, really nice hand drums...

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The Toronto setlist was as follows:

Strange Overtones

I Zimbra

One Fine Day

Help Me Somebody

Houses in Motion

My Big Nurse

My Big Hands (Fall Through the Cracks)


Never Thought

The River

Crosseyed and Painless

Life Is Long

Once in A Lifetime

Life During Wartime

I Feel My Stuff


Take Me to the River

The Great Curve



Burning Down the House


Everything That Happens

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Montreal show was incredible. It occured to me during the show that I've never owned a David Byrne or Talking Heads recording, and just how much a mistake that was.

I felt like I was watching a concert on the Starship Enterprise. Music from the future.

The choreography was stellar, Byrne had the confidence of an American Bowie, and the Montreal crowd was a joy to be a part of. Bonus marks for ending the show early so I could get back to Ottawa at a reasonable hour.

Great, great show. I hope the rest of you enjoyed it half as much as I did.

I'm not sure of the setlist, but it looks like Montreal was pretty similar to the Toronto setlist above.

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