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FFQotD: Foods/meals your folks ate that you'll never make yourself

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well nevermind then.

One day at the end of class little Billy"s teacher has the class go home and think of story and then conclude the moral of that story....

The following day the teacher asks for the first volunteer to tell their story and little Suzy raises her hand... "my dad owns a farm and every Sunday we load the chicken eggs on the truck and drive into town to sell them at the market... well one Sunday we hit a big bump and all the eggs flew out of the basket and onto the road" ... teacher asks for the moral of the story... Suzy replies, "don't keep all your eggs in one basket"

Next is little Lucy.... "well my dad owns a farm too and every weekend we take the chicken eggs and put them in the incubator" .... "last weekend only 8 of the 12 eggs hatched"....Teacher asks for the moral of the story.... Lucy replies "don't count your eggs before they're hatched"

Last is little Billy.... "My dad fought in the Vietnam war, his plane was shot down over enemy territory".... "he jumped out before it crashed with only a case of beer, a machine gun and a machete".... "on the way down he drank the case of beer".... "unfortunately he landed right in the middle of 100 enemy soldiers".... "he shot 70 with his machine gun, but ran out of bullets, so he pulled out his machete and killed 20 more, but the blade on his machete broke, so he killed the last ten with his bare hands"

Teacher looks in shock at Billy and asks if there is possibly any moral to his story.... Billy replies, "don't fuck with my dad when he's been drinking"

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My parents used to make batches of a mean chili sauce; it was sort of a semi-sweet/semi-hot chutney, with onions and apples and pears and things in it (some might call it a relish). They even did the canning technique where you fill the top of the jar with wax just before you put the top on the jar, so it'll keep on the shelf in the back room for months.

In a similar vein, my Mom used to make great apple sauce. She started with raw apples, which were stewed down, skins and all if I remember correctly, then pressed through


then frozen in small single-serving margarine containers. That, with plain (unsweetened) cinammon is a key dessert of my childhood.



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Add pears to list of chili sauce ingredients.
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My dad fed me a lot of gross things (probably contributed to my becoming vegetarian).

He was a very old school, meat 'n' potatoes guy, lived through the depression etc so there were a lot of odd repugnant meals in the regular rotation.

The worst was (and I am gagging just thinking about it) pork hocks. As a kid, I never questioned what exactly a "hock" was..probably my subconscious trying to protect me from the revolting reality. Ick. Pork hocks & sauerkraut.

I still like sauerkraut, though.

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anyone's folks ever make them sit at the dinner table until they finished their plate ... mine did. by the time I was 10, I knew the ivy patterns in the kitchen wallpaper like the back of my hand. only benefit was missing school for days on end. :P

always late to the table, my sister and I used seize the opportunity to lift my dad's mashed potatoes and slide under our yucky peas when mom wasn't looking. for years, he thot she served it that way.

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My grandmother used to make me sit at the table until the plate was cleared. I was always the last one at the table while everyone else was out playing. I recall sitting there for up to an hour after everyone had been allowed to leave.

I seriously think I'm damaged because of that. I still clear my plate to this very day even if the portion sizes are way too big and I was full a long time ago.

The guilt I feel.

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My mom makes the best beef liver.

She soaks it in milk (which i found out later, reacts with the liver and takes a lot of edge off of it...she was a bit suprised to find out...)

then dusts it in flour

then fries it in butter (with a bit of oil to prevent burning)

then bakes it in the oven to keep it crisp.

It's awesome...but i doubt i'll ever cook it.

I think that many people have had terrible liver experiences cause it takes a special knack to cook properly, and the fact that many people eat pork liver...which is grody (sp?)

It's an amazing thing to find a way to like...but horrible to realize that I know the difference.


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