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I'd just like to pay homage to whoever is/was behind the GLURT stickery from back in the day. I was once sent an envelope full of these stickers and they provided hilarious memories up til this very day. I just came across the site:


Pretty wacky and hilarious. I seem to think that whoever is behind Glurt is someone connected to our scene.. Anyone know the story there?

My favourite one ever:


I would LOVE more of those! Classic. Lots more HERE and below.




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The creator is a former roomate of tungstengruvsten who now lives in BC. I don't think he has ever been a member of this board.

The stickers were created while this guy worked late at a sticker company making weird sticks on the ends of rolls.

TG and I used to buy this guy a ticket to a Phish show in exchange for envelopes full of these which we would paste all over ampitheaters, give out in lots and generally just freak people out with. At one point the washrooms of Polaris, Deer Creek and Star Lake were coated in these, and there are quite a few that still grace walls of venue such as Lees Palace, Mavericks, Deckuf etc.

I still have a pretty fair collection of these in my archive of unused stickers at home somewhere.

"I pity the fool who won't eat his corn."


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Yeah it's a buddy of mine I grew up with in Owen SOund - we used to make a zine in highschool, he's always had the nuttiest sense of humour. I have a huge collection of his stickers still, they were so facking funny...I sent him a webcam pic of me from the studio I was at one day when we lived together and he brought home a freaking roll of stickers with my face on them and 'THEY CALLED HIM TUNGSTENGRUVSTEN' written above and below....the next day! fucking hilariousness on tap.

There are hundreds of them, I think most of them still catalogued on his site...

Handing them out at Phish concerts was priceless -Fun Sucks, I -heart- Randy Benders and Certified Fuckalicious all got killer reactions from shock to stun...

And if I know Daryl, that's 'Shove yer cell phone up your arse!'

My favourite stories out of all the stickers:

the '99cents...that's fuckin cheap!' small stickers we took to the liquor store and stuck on random stuff then browsed till the shit hit the fan...

the highschool students in New Brunswick who wrote in and said they loved his stickers...so he made one up with a picture of their principal on it and sent them a roll!

The stickers with real looking bank logos that we stuck on ATM's all over kitchener that said 'An additional $1 charge will be added to this transaction to help fund the Corporate Christmas Party' !!! that one made the papers...

The bars in Owen Sound, Kitchener, Guelph, Toronto(Sneaky's still has some on the walls in the washroom) where a bunch of us would hang out and just plaster the place with stickers...the cigarette coffee cans that used to be on the tables at Hillside were covered with them for years!

...alot of the pictures of the people or last names and stuff were friends of ours-lots of custom stickers cranked out just for laughs...christ!

Check out Glurt.org - his comic rewrite of Sally Forth(Sullen Froth) is hilarious and crazy...drop him a line, he'll send you funny shit!

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