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bradm Europe Mini-Tour, Spring 2009


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As Velvet mentioned in another topic, I'll be with him in Amsterdam for whatever craziness he and I and we can get into. Velvet told me a while ago that he was going, and said that if I wanted to come along, we could split a hotel room and have some fun enjoying the coffee shops tourist attractions. I agreed, and he made his arrangements; I slacked a bit making mine, which gave me time to realize that the end of the trip (May 17) was the Victoria Day weekend, and that Monday, May 18 was going to be a holiday, so I decided to stick around a day beyond what Velvet was planning; thankfully, he was able to extend the hotel reservation an extra day at the same good rate he got.

And, as it turned out, Akron/Family is playing in Amsterdam (at Melkweg) on May 17, and I'm planning on being there. (I'll try to get a ticket once I get there; I think they're only available at the venue.)

While I was looking into flights, it looked like a lot of them went via London (Heathrow), which I preferred to changing planes in the states. And as part of my usual band web-page scanning, I found out that The Olympic Symphonium and Share are doing a short UK tour just after the trip would be over. They're playing a festival in Liverpool, a date in Brixton, and a show at a pub in London on May 20.

So when I set up the flights, I rigged it so that I had a three-day stopover in the UK: I fly from Ottawa to Amsterdam return (changing planes in London) on May 12 (arriving in Amsterdam May 13), but I actually return from London rather than Amsterdam on May 21. I then have a one-way flight from Amsterdam to London on May 18.

That left the nights of May 18 and May 19 open to see the sights of, or a show in, London. For the first night I chose a show: Nick Lowe is playing at Royal Albert Hall on May 18, and I scored a ticket through the venue's website.

And May 19? I'll be back at Royal Albert Hall, for Eric Clapton. :D

So here's the event listing:

  • 2009-05-17 - Akron/Family - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Melkweg
  • 2009-05-18 - Nick Lowe - London, England - Royal Albert Hall
  • 2009-05-19 - Eric Clapton - London, England - Royal Albert Hall
  • 2009-05-20 - The Olympic Symphonium + Share - London, England - The Slaughtered Lamb Pub

The to-do list is about half done, and everything's looking sweet so far. I still need to arrange a hotel in London, but that shouldn't be a big deal, especially over the intertwobez.



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Hey Rosetta! a fantastic Canadian band from St Johns Nfld will also be in the area during those dates....


King And Queen, Brighton UK

TBD / 7:15 pm

13 Marlborough Place


The Great Escape Festival (Arc - The Canadian Blast), Brighton UK

TBD / 1:45 pm

with Arkells, Dan Mangan, Ohbijou

160 Kings Road Arches


The Fly, London UK

TBD / 8:00 pm

With Ruby Jean and the Thoughtful Bees and The Arkells

36-38 New Oxford St.


Fleur-de-lys Club @ The Lexington, London UK

TBD / 10:15 pm

98-96 Pentonville Rd.


Liverpool Sound City (Mello Mello - CMW Showcase), Liverpool UK

TBD / 10:00 pm

Time and Price TBD

Mello Mello - Canadian Music Week Showcase

40-42 Slater St

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