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Ottawa shows this Fall


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Found this list on Express:



Timekode, Mercury Lounge, Sept. 3

Danny Michel, Black Sheep Inn, Sept. 4-5

Flotilla, Irene's, Sept. 4

Jedi Mind Tricks, Ritual, Sept. 5

Plants & Animals Black Sheep Inn, Sept. 6

Jaxpratt vs. Walker, Mercury Lounge, Sept. 6

Band Of Skulls, Live Lounge, Sept. 7

Shad and Thunderheist, Algonquin College, Sept. 8

Young Galaxy, Zaphod's, Sept. 9

The Twelves and Strayotic, SAW Gallery, Sept. 10

Tim Hus, Black Sheep Inn, Sept. 10

Guttermouth, Mavericks, Sept. 10

Trio Bruxo, Mercury Lounge, Sept. 11

EMYND, Babylon, Sept. 11

The Balconies, Black Sheep Inn, Sept. 12

Terry Gillespie Reggae Night, Elmdale Tavern, Sept. 12

Speaker Bruiser, Babylon, Sept. 12

Beenie Man, TBA (keep your ear to the ground or, at least, eyes peeled for flyers), Sept. 13

K'naan and Colin Munroe, Ritual, Sept. 15

The Fast Romantics, Secret Broadcast, The Ascot Royals, Rainbow Bistro, Sept. 16

Kings Of Leon and Glasvegas, Scotiabank Place, Sept. 17

Noah, Mercury Lounge, Sept. 17

Mateo Murphy, Mercury Lounge, Sept. 18

Rudeboy, Elmdale Tavern, Sept. 18


Curran, Black Sheep Inn, Sept. 19

Evil Farm Children, Irene's, Sept. 19

Soul Jazz Orchestra, Babylon, Sept. 19

Marilyn Manson and Die Mannequin, Scotiabank Place, Sept. 20

Elephant Stone, Babylon, Sept. 20

Deadmau5, Ritual Nightclub, Sept. 23

The Bouncing Souls, Youth Brigade, St. Alvia, Off With Their Heads, Ritual, Sept. 24

Five Star Trailer Park, Elmdale Tavern, Sept. 25

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, Babylon, Sept. 25

Kyrie Kristmanson, Black Sheep Inn, Sept. 26

O-Town Hoedown w/ Ninety Pounds Of Ugly, The Kingmakers etc., Irene's, Sept. 26

The Tragically Hip, National Arts Centre, Sept. 26-28


Brasstronaut, Zaphod's, Oct. 1

Amy Millan, Bahamas, Zaphod's, Oct. 2

Mr. Something Something, Rainbow Bistro, Oct. 2

MonkeyJunk, Irene's, Oct. 2

White Wires Record Release, Babylon, Oct. 3

Basia Bulat, Black Sheep Inn, Oct. 3

Ryan Dahle, Zaphod's, Oct. 3

Japandroids, Mavericks, Oct. 3

The Lost Fingers, Shenkman Arts Centre, Oct. 8

Grass Mountain Hobos, Black Sheep Inn, Oct. 9

Revolting Cocks, Babylon, Oct. 10

Silversun Pickups, Bronson Centre, Oct. 14

Spiral Beach, Zaphod's, Oct. 17

Bruce & The Burgers, Elmdale Tavern, Oct. 17

Metric, The Stills, Civic Centre, Oct. 19

Corb Lund & The Hurtin Albertans, Capital Music Hall, Oct. 21

Cuff The Duke, Old Crowns, Stables, Babylon, Oct. 23

Natural Self, Mercury Lounge, Oct. 23

Ron Hawkins, Zaphod's, Oct. 23

Rose Cousins CD release, Black Sheep Inn, Oct. 24

Julie Doiron, Herman Dune, Babylon, Oct. 26

Hidden Cameras, Babylon, Oct. 29

Gentleman Reg, Zaphod's, Oct. 29

Afro-Cuban All-Stars, Centrepointe Theatre, Oct. 29

Strayotic, Mercury Lounge, Oct. 30

Hellbros, Zaphod's, Oct. 31

NQ Arbuckle, Black Sheep, Oct. 31

The Bible All-Stars, Irene's, Oct. 31


Metallica, Scotiabank Place, Nov. 3

Elliott Brood, Mavericks, Nov. 5

Ohbijou, Babylon, Nov. 7

RED 13-Year Anniversary, Mercury Lounge, Nov. 7

BA Johnson, Irene's, Nov. 7

The Hammerheads, Elmdale Tavern, Nov. 7

The Creepshow, The Hypnophonics, The Dreadnoughts, Mavericks, Nov. 12

Lyle Lovett, National Arts Centre, Nov. 14

Billy Bragg, Bronson Centre, Nov. 19

Little Dragon, Mercury Lounge, Nov. 20

Kelp Records w/ Camp Radio, The Spitfire Nines, Elmdale Tavern, Nov. 21

Garnet Rodgers, Black Sheep Inn, Nov. 21-22

Delhi 2 Dublin, Mercury Lounge, Nov. 22

King Workman and the Union and The Cheap Seats CD release, Irene's, Nov. 27

Cat Empire, Bronson Centre, Nov. 28

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I will be at the Saturday night show! Pumped!

My birthday week starts with The Hip and ends with Sufjan Stevens at Le Cabaret the next Friday. Not bad at all.

I think the GF and I are going to go to the Monday night show. Pricey ticket but F it!

I like this notion of a birthday week AD.

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It's a big birthday if you believe that multiples of 10 have more meaning than multiples of other numbers.

Here's something of note:

The opener for Sunday's Plants and Animals show at the Sheep is Berithen Berio, which is Brad and Andrew Barr's new project. Slip forum please.

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The opener for Sunday's Plants and Animals show at the Sheep is Berithen Berio, which is Brad and Andrew Barr's new project.

Thanks, AD, I didn't know about that. flipzoso's going to video of P&A, and I was planning on tagging along to do audio, but having Berithan Berio on the bill seals the deal for me.



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OMG! Who's going to black sheep on sunday? I want in!

our seats for the Hip are in row FF!

Berithen Berio

This psychotropic duo landed in Montreal four years ago from Providence, Rhode Island. Comprised of brothers Brad and Andrew Barr, their performance weaves together intricacies and amusement while unfolding magical and energizing stories. The many years spent playing music in countless musical projects they have yet to fully offer their explorations as a duo to the public’s senses.

Duo « psychotronique » du Rhode Island qui se catapultait il y a quatre ans à Montréal, Berithen Berio est formé des frères Brad et Andrew Barr. Leurs prestations et histoires revigorantes amusent autant qu’elles intriguent. Profitant d’une expérience acquise auprès de nombreux projets musicaux, ces deux compères en font finalement profiter leur public.

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