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hey nova scotians! what what!


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people of the east!

i am coming to terrorize your seaboard with two sassy vixens. TOMORROW!


i've never been there before. any must-see, must-do recommendations?

food included. :D

i am looking specifically for recommendations between wolfville and cape breton including the trail, other than the regular hot spots (ie: mary ann falls, outlooks etc). there will also be a sojourn in halifax, so any big city suggestions are welcome too!

ANY TRAILER PARK BOYS LANDMARKS?!?!?! the only off-park episode i can even think of is the bologna sandwich/fundraiser dance one....

does McLobster still exist?

a few years ago, i visisted newfoundland & i am STILL kicking myself for not buying one of the "i [club] baby seals" shirts they had all over the place. are these available in nova scotia too?

are there any museums with actual Titanic artifacts? i've had kind of a lifelong romance with that ol'boat, so this would be very exciting for me. i promise to pose with i'm on a motherfuckin' boat moves if so. photo-ops galore.

i'll be there until wednesday the 14th, but we're leaving one lucky lady behind until sunday the 18th. we're of course going to cram in as much awesome as possible, so all fun things will be strongly considered. :)

thanks in advance for any gems of knowledge!

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Wooohooo.....ONE MORE SLEEP!!!!!

As PalacePrincess mentioned we're doing the regular sight seeing stuff in and around Cape Breton but I only know what I know and I haven't seen much outside of Cape Breton aside from the drive to and from Halifax.

Even around the Trail I've only been back a handful of times with limited time for sightseeing.

I'm sure I'll get to show off lots and lots of lovely things but the more suggestions the better!!!

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this is not even the first place i've heard of the amazingness of the nova scotian donair. i think we're already hitting up Antigonish, i will go to this wheel place of which you speak.

um, did i just read that right? prom? it's like they knew i was coming. :) haha.

thanks everybody!

and when in the heck (and why) did the edit feature around here get disabled?! that typo in my original post is driving me nuts.

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um, did i just read that right? prom?

hahaha! Oh-OH!!! Do we need to change our Friday plans???

FBOC and TBA Collective have pooled their zany brains together to organize a mock prom which is to be held Friday October 9th at The Paramount!


- Archway with a photographer for prom picks


-Colouring contest

-Awards Ceremony (Voted by ballot) (ei: Prom Queen, Most likely to…)

-50/50 Draw

-Yearbook slideshow

-Music from DJ Dale and Jerry as well as live performance from Phil Flowers and More!

Proceeds go to Nazareth House for new beds

It all starts at 10PM! Show up early to have your pictures taken!

Entrance is $9 or $8 with a canned good!

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and when in the heck (and why) did the edit feature around here get disabled?! that typo in my original post is driving me nuts.

the site was originally setup that way with a time limit for editing posts. It's pretty standard out there. However, I removed it a long time ago and allowed edits at anytime. That's caused problems not only with context of posts, but also with database refreshes which missed edits and screwed up more posts.

So as a good practice, read before you submit. You've got about 10 minutes to do something if you realize that you did something wrong or stupid and would like to correct it.

No one cares about a little spelling mistake. don't beat yourself up about it :)

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Lucky you, wish I was heading home.

In Halifax

Make sure to check out the Martime Museum of the Atlantic on the waterfront and the Fairview Cemetery in the North end for all your Titanic needs.

Go see a show at the Marquee make sure to buy a hotdog off the Doggfather outside. Despite his hatered for white people he's really a nice guy lol.

Public Gardens and Point Pleasnat park are great spots to spend some time outside as is strolling down Spring Garden.

GET DRUNK! Halifax has tons of great bars all within stubbling distance, not to mention a kick ass Casino thats open all night. So after the bars close at 3-4am head to pizza corners for a KOD donair and watch the chaos unfold then head to the Casino and rage until the sun comes up.


Is my hometown and its a pretty cool spot.

Check out the http://www.wolfvillefarmersmarket.com/ every Saturday. Everything sold is organic and local including the music.

The valley runs on two things these days...Wineries and Just Us Coffee. Check out any of the many local wineries for some tasting or head to the Just Us HQ and check out their fairtrade museum, its actually very well done.

If you get lucky and the weather's nice I can point you in the direction of some great swimming holes

3 Pools

Just outside of Wolfville is some killer hiking terrain. Cape Split its long but this is the payoff at the end

Wolfville has tons of great resaurants. I highly recommend you go to Joe's Food Emprorium and order Scott Skins, you'll be glad you did. Also check out Patty's Pub for great local microbrews

Its too bad you just missed Deep Roots Festival which is brand new and argubly the coolest thing thats ever happened in my tiny town.

Have a great trip, enjoy the ocean!

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Have a great trip, enjoy the ocean!

Thanks Freeker!!! Palaceprincess and our other friend have gone back now but I've returned to Berwick again. We as a group were only here for one night, got in late and left early type deal just to visit our friends. So today and tomorrow Fista is taking me into Wolfville and surrounding areas for some sight seeing before I head back to Halifax.

We made it to the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, Pizza Corner and of course saw lots and lots of the ocean and soooo much beautiful awesomeness between visiting my Mom and doing the Cabot Trail and returning to Halifax for a night.

I drove back to Berwick yesterday evening holy the drive to the Valley from Halifax is beautiful. I've never been, we drove it on Friday as a group but I guess I was too excited to get here to really take it in. So nice...

So yeah thanks for all the tips especially in the Wolfville area as I'm not too familiar with it.

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yes, thanks so much for all the helpful tips & advice, freeker! and everyone! really appreciate your taking the time to go into such detail for us. we didn't have a whole lot of computer access out there, but we did get a chance see these pearls of wisdom! (well, we saw that you posted them, we didn't have time to check everything out live and in person, but now there'll just be more to do when we go back)

and freeker, just fyi, i totally rocked the KOD action. whoohooo! amazing race fans, they had a signed picture of kent and vixen in there, haha.

what a fun trip. we managed to cram a LOT in, it was non-stop awesome. i even saw a REAL! LIVE! bald eagle & 3 of those moose creatures. we totally lucked out with the weather too, all of our scenic driving days were mainly clear and sunny. and what a time of year to go -- all those trees along the cabot trail are the vibrant fall colours, it was just incredible to see. i really liked nova scotia a lot, i can't wait to go back again!!!

thanks again so much to hal & fista & april & bryson for hosting us, the star studded VIP tour treatment was definitely appreciated. also HUGE thanks to carrie for orchestrating this whole adventure and talking us into going with you!!!

after i get a chance to sort through the hundreds of pictures i took, i'll update this thread with some selections. thanks nova scotia, you did not disappoint!!!

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