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Folks of Ottawa: Lansdowne Live!


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All this hoopla in the city is driving me crazy right now...Why the hell do the Glebites not want this to happen. It would be great for our city!

CFL football back, a home for a farmer's market...a beautiful park....

What is the issue??? Traffic? Give me a break...They've been hosting huuuuuuge events at Lansdowne for over 100 years...traffic has never been an issue...I remember as a kid growing up in the glebe how much fun it was. My old man the entrepenuer selling parking spaces on the front lawn, people milling about, neighbours chatting, BBQ's on game days....The sounds of cars honking for miles because the Riders won the game!!!

CMON!!! Suck it up...bring some life back to Lansdowne!!!!

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I thought the problem was that they'd be running with the one and only proposal tendered. If that's the case, it would likely be an accident waiting to happen.

Roger Greenberg was interviewed by the Ottawa Business Journal this week and said that this is just not the case.

I support this project wholeheartedly. As someone who works for his company, I know Roger Greenberg is a hell of a guy, who loves his city and does whatever he can to make it better. He's donated countless dollars and hours to our community and he's created a corporate culture of philanthropy.

He's taken a lot of flack in the past week especially, and I can assure you that he's not a smarmy businessman. I trust him to always do the right thing. It's just who he is.

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The sole source issue is a sticky one but I justify my support for the project based on the reputations of the Landsdowne Live stakeholders, including Jeff Hunt, owner of the Ottawa '67s. Even if the process was opened up to other bidders, I daresay the city would not receive a better offer.

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I for one support doing anything with Landsdowne as long as its done soon! Parks, CFL, green spaces, hotels, box stores, brothels, who the fuck cares. I'd rather any of those things than the useless eye sore of concrete and pavement that's there now.

Between our ineffectual city council and the snobs in this neighborhood, ground will not be broken in any of our lifetimes. These are the same groups that brought us a winter bus strike (city council) and those who picket an air conditioner for being too loud (Glebites)...Landsdowne is doomed!

Its old misguided protectionist attitudes and pure organizational incompetence like this that keeps Ottawa from ever growing into a real city.


A Glebite

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What are the other options?

None. And that's my biggest issue.

On the other hand' date=' I dont want to live in city watching another Kingston Block D situation go down. [/quote']

Wasn't it open to an international design contest at one point?

It was, but it was put on hold when the Lansdowne Live proposal was submitted, and it now looks like there won't be a competition at all, making LL, in effect, the winner by default ("Yeah, de fault of de council...").



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I think it's brutal. the proposal is not of the calibre of a national capital. People should be able to look at the space and recognize Ottawa. Instead they're going to look at it and ask "When did we build a stadium on Merivale Road?" Why do we need a movie theatre and retail stores here?

Put it to an international design competition - or finish the one that had already started. Go with it from there.

I also don't like how these businessmen get a 30-year free lease on some of the most valuable land in Ottawa.

Ottawa's incompetent city council will always find some way to fuck things up, so even if this is approved / denied I'll continue to have no faith in those jokers.

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From my understanding there will be no large box stores in the Lansdowne Live proposal...

That's my understanding as well yet I continue to see opposition arguments that contradict this.

Is it a case of the oppostion not believing the Landsdowne Live people will keep their word or is it something else?

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As a fan of CFL football, OHL hockey, large outdoor concerts, and perhaps in the future, soccer, I fully support the Lansdowne Live proposal, and I hope it gets approved and built ASAP.

My only concern is the extremely poor public transit to the site. That said, in the past I drove to countless CFL games and never had a problem finding free parking within walking distance.

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