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Wilco plays once at its own Festival.

Northern Wish

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You guys suck. This festival is going to be awesome.

I've seen Wilco a bunch of times but I've never seen Jeff solo, and I can't wait. And I missed Avi Buffalo and Vetiver at Sasquatch, so that'll be awesome too. And Nels is doing a guitar pedal workshop, and Glenn is doing a drum workshop.

stay positive! ;)

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This was one of the best festivals I've been to. The venue was a contemporary art gallery built out of an old crazy industrial complex. There were twists and turns everywhere inside, and a few big courtyards outside, where most of the stages were set up. All the galleries were open (giant wall drawings, art-made-of food installations, crazy feather sculptures, photos by leonard nimoy, and lots of other stuff) plus there were Wilco specific exhibits - 16 years of Wilco posters, drums altered to make different noises by Glenn, Nels' stompboxes, and Pat's polaroid photo exhibit (my favourite of the Wilco art). Nels & Glenn did presentations of their stuff.

Friday night it was a little crowded because a lot of the galleries were closed, but Sat and Sun there were no lines for beer, and it was only $4. The only thing wrong with the festival was that the one indoor stage was too small and too hot (missed The Books, Autumn Defense, and Avi Buffalo because of it, they thought it was going to rain so they moved inside) The crowd was so laid back and polite (hipsters & dads), most of the lawn chairs stayed towards the back, and there were indoor bathrooms! Members of the bands, including wilco, just wandered around the festival and would chat with fans if they got noticed.

I really enjoyed Vetiver, but only got to see Avi Buffalo when they performed with Jeff. Nels Cline Singers were great too. Wilco set was good but not as astounding as it could have been. I have been dying to hear Not for the Season (laminated cat!) for the last while so i was really excited they played it. And then Jeff played Passenger Side in his solo set which I was also hoping for. For his solo set he brought out 5 or 6 of the bands that played to each play a song with him, and apparently he let them choose the song. John sang It's Just That Simple, too!

Best part, though, may have been the dunk tank.

Pictures here:

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Avi Buffalo's a kid, an 18 year old (born Avigdor) - it was a solo act and now a band. He's a blindingly good guitarist and doesn't spare on the effects whatsoever- total gear hound. Remember The Time is the song that best highlights his guitar playing but his songwriting is really strong on the whole as is his band particularly his drummer (who is good not just as a chick drummer but a drummer drummer) who figures prominently on alot of his harmonies. They're on SubPop.

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