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Bluesfest snoots?


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What's security like, same as every other year or are there any new hoops to jump through?

Whats being sold inside in cans? Anything?

Getting through the gates is the same as last year: bag check but no body pat down whatsoever.

The "red shirt" security is back. They were walking around puffing their chests before Dream Theatre started but I didn't catch sight of them after that. I was fairly close on the paved section in front of the stage though.

General warning here but if security tells you to do something then just comply. There was a guy next to me on the side rail who had was taking pictures with a fancy SLR camera. He was told by security that the band wanted him to put it away. Security in this case gave him ample slack with repeated warnings that he'd be ejected if he didn't put it away. Buddy eventually got turfed about 30 minutes into Maiden's set. If you're fortunate enough to get a warning... heed it.

NOTHING in cans as far as I could tell. Very disappointing on many levels. One of which is the ridiculous pour level on one of my beers last night.

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