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skank Xmas Party - Ottawa - Poll


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Hey Everyone! I'm wondering who here would be interested in a skank xmas party if I were to set one up about a week before xmas. There is great talent interested in being our entertainment hosts for the evening and all we need is the skank interest.

The reason I say "entertainment hosts" is because I'm speaking with uRockaoke to be our live karaoke band for the night. Basically, they are a full band that have learned TONS of music and they provide the soundtrack while YOU provide the vocals.

We know how fun Karaoke is, but this is Karaoke x 100 !

Here is there OFFICIAL song list.

If you remember Hiway Freeker, bassist extraordinaire Michael Felber is one of the band members which is how I learned about this project. It's very cool and they put on shows in Montreal regularly.

I know this crowd would make for an incredible evening of live karaoke so if you are interested, please vote yes and if there is enough interest we'll make this happen.

Here's an example from youtube. You'll notice in this vid at the 1:05 mark that Brad Barr sits in for this one.


Here's another video description of their show.


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