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What's your 1st set opener Pick for Toronto...


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While lyrical humor has always been a key element of "Makisupa," the solo acoustic version Trey played at his New Year's Eve show in 2006 perhaps pushed the black humor envelope, with the keyword, "Whitehall," referencing the location of Trey's very public drug arrest. Given Trey's subsequent probation and newfound sobriety, many fans wondered if the band would continue to play "Makisupa" and if the lighthearted drug references would remain part of the song. Indeed, the first 3.0 version of "Makisupa" on 6/6/09 was notably without a keyword. However, prankster-ism soon won out and the subsequent version on 6/20/09 contained a more lighthearted reference to Trey's probation when he sang, "Woke up this morning, pissing in jah cup / Woke up this afternoon, called my probation officer."

Thankfully, the song's musical vitality has also remained, as evidenced by the 8/8/09 version where Mike and Trey switched instruments leading to a rare Mike guitar solo. The 6/20/10 rendition was also interesting, as Trey told an impromptu story about an encounter with a Makisupa Policeman that set up solos for Mike, Page and Fish. The 5/28/11 version set up a joke that would last the whole tour about Mike’s house and Page’s house.

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